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PIP Pod Development Timeline

The challenge for us?  Can the Flexiform Design team, create a small meeting space, filled with technology?  A meeting space that, combines technology and design?  We think we have made a pretty good job!  See what you think.

Ad-hoc meetings are a part of every office – As are formal presentations.  Both can be easily accommodated in the Peas in a Pod meeting pods.  Semi private meeting enclosures, with a uniquely shaped interior, raised ceiling top for constant air flow and ambient light. Vibrant colours and customisable laser cut sections, will instantly bring this unique and friendly design into any office. Designed to accommodate the latest wireless technology in a smart stylish environment.  From a quick sit down chat to a full on screen presentation the Peas in a Pod range does it all.

Designed by: Andy Heath, Basil King, Chris Raby, James Cummins, Kate Webber

Initial Concept Development


Conceptual Sketches – Defining basic shape and overall product feel.



Further concept development, potential materials are outlined


Internal “50p” shape concept added.


Creativity is key – here laser cut sections are added to the fascia.

Materials and Finishes


Material selection – here is the initial, internal table proposal

Example Interior Seating

Inspired by ..



Concept agreed, basic fabric choices are indicated for the working prototype

Pod Fabric Samples

Fabric Samples
First Alpha Prototype

Pip-Pod PrototypePrototype – Basic fabrics used, interior design assessed and technology added.

PIP Pod Prototype Rear

Unique shape

PIP Pod Conectivity

Integral USB fast charge, HDMI, wireless charging

PIP Pod Interior

Prototype shows floating top, unique shaped seating and built in technology.

Branding Process

Peas in a pod theoryPIP Naming and logo ideasPeas in a Pod became PIP Pod!

PIP Logo VariationsLogo creative process
Wall Segment Manufacturing

 The seats have been created and fitted!

Pip Pod Prototype

External Fabricated wall PanelPip Pod Wall Segment Panel

Media Module

A cross section of the media panel showing the cable management.

Connectors in placeConnectors are put into place.

Pip Pod Structure

One corner wall being constructed with the natural colour palette finish.

Internal Wall Segments

This is the internal wall awaiting its seating.

Pip Pod being constructed

The Pip Pod is coming together!

Pip Pod WallPip Pod Wall Layers

Central Media SpineThe central media unit.

Fabricated Wall PanelFully Fabricated Wall Panel.

Door Frame Being AssembledThe door frame is assembled externally.

Pip Pod EntranceOnce assembled, the frame is fitted into place.

Door LintelThe door lintel is also installed.

Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

Pip Pod Corner SectionsThe Pip pod start to come together at the photoshoot venue.

Pip Pod Roof AssemblyThe roof is added to the Pip Pod.

The finished Pip PodThe Completed Pip Pod.

Subbuteo Table is assembledWe also took the Subbuteo table!

More to come on this product!! Keep checking!!