Pip Pod

Pip Pods - Acoustic Meeting Pods

The pip pod (peas-in-a-pod) is a semi-private meeting space/ Acoustic Meeting Pod, designed to be a functional and striking feature piece in any office or work space.  The semi-private booth is supplied complete with comfortable seating and an integrated table for private work tasks or meeting spaces.

Outside you will find a unique fabric covered curved design, in total contrast to the hexagonal, angled interior.  Inside you will find full HDMI, USB fast charge and wireless charging completely housed inside an integral table top and wire management system.

Available in 2, 4* and 6* person options.

*  coming soon / optional extras

Pip Pod and Subbuteo Table


Plug and Go Media
Plug & Go Media Connections
Floating Table
Floating Table
Cable Management
Cable Management
Dimmable Lighting
Dimmable Lighting


  • 2 person, *4 person, *6 person pod – *Coming soon.
  • Absorbs pass through sound in the office.
  • Upholstered exterior and interior panels.
  • Striking design with a choice of fabrics.
  • Unique internal shape with curved exterior.
  • Suitable for private working and meetings.
  • Dimmable light switch for different tasks.
  • Floating roof for natural light and airflow.
  • Floating worktop for extra leg room.
  • Built in seating and table top.
  • ‘Plug and Go’ media connections with choice of plugs, HDMI, USB fast charge and wireless phone charging.
  • Built in cable management.
  • Available with and without a door.
  • Sensored lighting available.
  • Movable, take down and put back up.
  • Levelling feet to ease installation.