3 ways storage can help promote workplace wellbeing within your office.

Storage is an important part of any functioning office. We all love the idea of having a minimal, visually open plan office, however there is no reason that storage can’t fit into this. With the change in attitude towards the workplace and new generations entering the working world, the culture and designs of our offices need to reflect this. Studies show that people are spending more time and longer hours within the workplace, with that comes the need for more storage. We are going to highlight 3 ways storage can improve your workplace well being.

Help your workers feel at home

Studies show that the design of your workplace can often impact the decision to stay with an employer. By giving your staff somewhere to call secure and to keep their secret snacks, favourite pen and notebook, it helps give workers peace of mind and to feel valued that they have personal storage in their workplace.  Personal storage can come in many forms depending on your workspace layout, pedestal drawers under a desk or lockers, you could even customise them to suit the interiors of your office, add a pop of colour or even match your corporate colours.

Personal Organiser

Planters can have a positive effect on office environments, making employees feel more at home as well as improving employee well being. Plants in the office can help to reduce stress within the workplace, plants are been used to create acoustic barrier around the workplace similar to how they are used on the side of roads. Flexiform planters have been designed to fit on top of numerous storage ranges such as Jot, Flexiglide & Freestor.

Help to create zones within your office

Open plan offices can often be quite distracting, experiment with reconfiguring by using storage as room dividers to create zones or traffic barriers which make new areas of working away from desk based distractions. By using various heights within you storage this can help create zones or areas within the office.

Freestor Lockers Recycling Bin and Planter LR

Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process when it comes to a new workspace and storage.  It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used, how much storage is needed. Interior designers draw up plans to help defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones.

Respect personal space

In many workplaces desk sharing is the norm, personal space is often a large bug bare for many workers and can impact on staff morale. By allocating personal storage (for example lockers) for staff this helps to create a sense of belonging, and also an area that they can control within their daily workspace.   Creating private areas using office furniture gives your staff the confidence to have uninterrupted conversions.

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