Brook Chalmers – Social Media Specialist under the Spotlight


Brook Chalmers has been a member of the ever growing Marketing team here at Flexiform for around a year now. A graduate of Multimedia Technology, from Leeds Metropolitan University, Brook specialises in Social Media and Outreach previously working in one of the top digital agencies in Yorkshire.

Social Media and Outreach sounds great …. What is it?

Social media marketing and outreach is the process of attracting traffic to a website via the various social media channels. When running a social media campaign my efforts could be focused on any one of a multitude of content types, such as video, presentations, images, paid advertising and blog posts. Whatever medium chosen the key is in a carefully planned out campaign, a great deal of consideration will have been put into it to making sure the maximum amount of attention will be attracted, not to mention the all-important shares, likes and comments. This is essential when establishing a strong brand.

What attracted you to the furniture industry?

I like sitting down and there are a lot of chairs on hand in the furniture industry. Just kidding! Having worked for an office supplies company that also ran the online store for the Post Office, I felt that moving into the office furniture industry would be a natural progression, I’m experienced in a similar industry, so an easy way to apply my search engine optimisation and social media talents to.

I joined just at the start of Clerkenwell Design week last year and was pretty amazed at what Flexiform was working on. Having been at Flexiform roughly a year now, I am still surprised at the creativity and hard work that goes on behind the scenes just to make a desk.


How can Social Media influence

It’s all about using the right tools in the right manner. Less is more.  Steve Jobs once said “That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Through the right channels, we can showcase our best work and creativity can be exhibited in a fashion that is accessible to huge numbers of people involved in our industry.  But of course, I can’t tell you how I’m going to do it.

How has Social worked

Our big push this year has been Case Studies – Our Marketing Manager has a real Bee in his bonnet about capturing the jobs Flexiform works on – We have some huge clients, but no one really knows about them, because we were never great on shouting about it.  That has all changed now, every job we do is now recorded as a Case study, in-turn this is pushed through our Social Media channels.  The feedback has been really positive.

Is it possible to launch a product through Pure Social Media?

For us, Yes. We have everything in place to get our messages out there.  This was especially effective when we launched our Ferro range last year – By capturing the imagination of the Designers with high-quality content and imagery we launched an entire product range – and now we have some great case studies of the range, such as the Beer Hawk case study.


What does this week’s workload look like?

Huge! Continual improvement (the Japanese call it Kaizen) is the name of the game in this industry.  Variety is the Spice of Life and it certainly is true, this week is all about CDW – team meetings about product development (and we have some cracking products to launch this year).  I am also working on designing our outreach campaign for CDW – I’ve been experimenting for several months now and got some encouraging results – but again, I’m not sharing this just yet.


The future of Social Media/ technology

This year our CDW is all about challenging the way the workplace works – At Flexiform we put a huge value on not just following processes, but also making work a little more interesting and fun – with bags of technology thrown in.  That is really reflected in our CDW offering this year, there is a little bit for everyone.