University of Sheffield Libraries

Flexiform has successfully completed the furniture installation for two areas in the University of Sheffield’s libraries. The Information Commons has a glass-fronted room which was an extension of the reception area of the building. The client wanted to utilise the room to create a safe space where students can escape and relax during stressful days. The second location is an open plan space on the 5th floor of Western Library. The area was transformed to be a relaxing space for students to read and also hosts themed weeks and events. Flexiform collaborated with Sheffield University to create a comfortable and welcoming space plan and interior design scheme for both spaces.


  • CLIENT: The University of Sheffield.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Dan Clark.
  • LOCATION: Sheffield.
  • PRODUCTS: Additions pedestal base coffee tables, acoustic panels, single pods and booths with high backs, storage shelves, sofas.
  • SERVICES: Interior Design, Space Planning, 2D plans and 3D visualisation, product selection, and moodboards.
The Garden Room

The glass-fronted room in the first library was transformed to create The Garden Room, with vinyl manifestations produced by the students for privacy. The space is designed for individuals to escape, so single pods and booths are scattered throughout the room, many with acoustic high backs to not only provide privacy but to reduce any noise from the outside. The Earthy tones and plants create a tranquil space. This is a nod to the outside world, and the additions of plants in the room improves airflow and in turn, promotes wellbeing.

The comfy chairs and stools have a more domestic and homely feel, aiding in creating a space that feels relaxing and inviting. The leaf acoustic panels have a dual purpose, breaking up different sections for privacy whilst also reducing any distracting noises. 

5th Floor Western Library

‘Flexiform have been a total pleasure to work with on our Garden Room in the Library at the University of Sheffield. The room has been a total success with both students and project sponsors and I really have to put a lot of this down to the help and advice from Flexiform’

– Ange Greenwood MA,
Interim Head of Library Information Advisory Services.

The 5th floor of Western Library is an open plan floor, available for students to bring books out of the main library to read. The space was divided up by open shelving units to display books and materials associated with their theme of the week. An array of comfy seating can be found throughout the room. The sofas and semi-private booths allow space for groups to sit together to read and discuss. Our Additions Pedestal based tables and laptop tables are present for space to place your books and laptop.