Environmental Impact and Company Improvements

Environmental Impact and Company Improvements

File Format: PDF
Version: V3
Date Published: January 2019


Product Description

This documents a detailed study of Flexiform’s Environmental Impact and Company Improvements.

At Flexiform, we understand our impact upon the environment, and we strive to make our business as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Our products are built to last, which is why we offer a minimum 10 year warranty on all of our manufactured furniture. By minimising wastage, promoting recycling, and donating reusable furniture on to charities and schools, our passion for sustainability goes beyond manufacturing practices – it is ingrained into our way of working throughout the business. We are committed to reducing the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment, whilst also ensuring that Flexiform products are as sustainable as possible.

We recognise the importance of, no matter how small, the impact of our activities on the environment and that there is a need to constantly consider ways in which we can conserve energy and minimise waste in all activities that we undertake.

In addition to compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations, we endeavour to take positive action in reducing impact on the environment by a measured programme of focused activities.


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