Olio Revit Downloads

Olio Revit Blocks

Software: Revit 2012
File Format: .rfa
Textures/ Finishes Format: JPG
Version: V2
Date Published: May 2018


Product Description

Flexiform Olio Desking and Storage Revit Blocks contains 3D modelling blocks for Olio parts and preconfigured units. Olio preconfigured configurations give 14 “most used” options to load into your project quickly. Olio Desking and Storage can be configured into a various layouts as required. Each desk part/item is downloadable including desk tops, frames, legs, screens, storage, storage tops and accessories. Please see the specification guide to see how to configure your Olio desk/ storage.

This download contains a Olio Configurations Revit User Guide to assist using these blocks. For any additional technical or product based help please email Lucie Carr:

We reserve the right to change or amend this download at any time, please ensure you update your files regularly.