Flexiform Design and Marketing team visit Mix Design Collective.

Last week our Design and Marketing team visited the first ever Mix Design Collective. The Mix Design Collective was held in association with Bruntwood, as part of their three-day workplace design event in Manchester.

Mix recognised that the workplace as we know it, is undergoing an exciting period of change and that different factors are now been considered when designing office interiors to help employees flourish. With that in mind, the Mix Design Collective was created. For the event six workplace experiences were designed and created by furniture manufacturers, interior designers and workplace specialists to help provide inspiration in the world of the workplace design and help show off some of the best products and services.

Workspaces were designed around keywords relating to areas of the workplace that affect staff, these were: Smart & Connected, Escape, The Heartspace, Health and Wellbeing, New Analogue and Engage.

The Health and Wellbeing space was designed to overstimulate your senses and affect productivity. The room was flooded with plants as they help to reduce stress in the workplace, purify the air, which can also have an effect of sickness and absences as well as increase productivity.

Storage Planters

Health and Wellbeing room

The ‘New Analogue’ room was designed to encourage human interaction and collaboration away from the distractions of technology, this type of office is set to become more important as technology allows work to happen anywhere, with plug and play roles becoming more and more predominant within the working world.

New analogue -meeting table

Seating in New analogue room

One of the most striking experiences designed was the ‘Escape’ room designed to create a place challenging the normal working environments. The idea behind the room was a place for employees to recharge, the room itself was filled with calming colours pale purples, soft pinks light greys and white, softs seating and plants.

Escape Pod With Pink Ped based table

Pink Pouffe with purple pedestal based table

The Heartspace was a place to relax between the experiences and also included an array of new products from a variety of furniture manufacturers including this metal grid system which was used in a variety of different configurations through out the space.

Steel Racking unit