Flexiform now member of BCO

What is BCO?

The British Council for Offices’ purpose is to research, develop and communicate best practices for the office sector. By providing a forum for discussion and debate, issues relevant to this industry sector can be aired to solve issues and make improvements.

The BCO was established in 1990 and has become Britain’s leading forum for discussing the issues that affect the office sector.

Members of the BCO are all organisations that are involved in creating, acquiring or occupying offices, such as architects, surveyors, financial institutions or public agencies.

The work of the BCO aims to advance the collective understanding of its member, which in turn will enable them to work together to create more effective office space.


The British Council for Offices’ membership is pulled in from those who reside in office space, and the professional organisations that design build and manage those office spaces.

Since the BCO was established in 1990, a lot has changed. Starting out as an informal meeting between friends has evolved into an authority institution, which encompasses a board range of members across the architecture, design, occupier and developer industries.

The members of the BCO have been able to deliver industry-leading projects, including the annual conference, a regional and national awards programme, and the library of research reports. Through its members, the BCO has been able to increase the quality, values, and standards of office year after year.

What will Flexiform gain from being a member of the BCO?

Being a member of the British Council for Offices’ will help us to keep up to date with the very latest trends and developments in the office design industry. With access to their articles and research portal, events and technical tours we can keep abreast with the industry. All of this enables us to produce ever better offices.

Flexiform Contact DetailsLucie-Carr

Our BCO contact here at Flexiform is Lucie Carr. You can get in touch with Lucie on the following contact details.


Telephone: 01274 706205