Flexiform’s Scotland Hub Refurbished

Located in Bellsquarry, Livingston, our newly refurbished Scotland Hub is now complete and open to private sector companies, education, and government organisations to view our extensive range of workspace furniture and services. The Scotland Hub has been designed to showcase our full range of in-house talents and capabilities, creating a rounded experience for visitors. Our in-house Interior Designer, Nadia Al-Chalaby, worked alongside our Regional Sales Manager (North), Steven Bow, to create this fantastic example of what we have to offer here at Flexiform. It highlights the development of our products, our graphic design capabilities and the ability of our interior design teams in producing a workplace environment that equalises with the technological progression that tends to drive most companies.

It’s easy to overlook the simple things that really bring a design together. Taking a holistic approach to the interior design of our new showroom means it can be used as an educational tool alongside showcasing our capabilities. Visitors can learn the best application for fabrics and how different colours and materials can help boost productivity and efficiency, whilst also understanding how products can shape the way we perform tasks and manage our day-to-day workload.

Upon entering the Scotland Showroom, visitors are greeted with a textured wallpaper and full-scale artwork to create a domestic, homely feel. The waiting area boasts large acoustic chairs, alongside a private telephone pod to give visitors an area to sit and rest or take private personal calls. As a true British manufacturer, one of our in-house engineering talents, Basil King, has also created a bespoke backlit ‘Hello’ sign. This was designed and manufactured from mild steel with a Ferro inspired clear coat lacquer finish and hand burnt with a welding torch to emphasise it’s industrial feel.

‘I used a combination of oxygen and acetylene to create a flame and then scorched the raw metal to create random patterns in each letter.’Basil King, Design Engineer.

The ground floor has been designed as a collaborative agile WorkCentre for drop-in clients. ‘Away from the desk’ modular sofas with media units have been placed throughout the room with a mix of low and high backs to provide users privacy. Our Jot-Up Meet Sit/Stand Table is available to assist with quick paced project planning meetings. This can be lowered if the discussion needs to continue to a more formal setting. We have found that providing a standing option for a meeting can increase the productivity of the session by 50% meaning quicker decisions, and a more efficient workday. Additionally, providing a plethora of different height units, seating options and media attachments paves the way for agile working and it also means various clusters of work sessions can happen at the same time in this area. Our Freestor Storage Range stand beside our Jot-Up Meet Table, with storage planters to create an independent feeling in this area. Our planters are a great way to enhance a biophilic office design and add a touch of green to the main office. Planters can improve air quality in the office, promoting well-being for our staff.







Separating this area from the rest of the office are two Freestor Accent Lockers, featuring a variety of lock options and bespoke colours with an Airbloom flower screen above. The Airbloom suspended acoustic panels create a slight visual barrier in the space, enough to distract the brain from any activity happening in the bottom areas allowing for concentration, but still open enough to provide a view line if needed. Suspended acoustic panels also dampen any background noise and are brilliant for separating areas without compromising the rooms open space.

Upstairs, the space has been designed as the main staff office. Here, you will find our Pico back-to-back bench desking and height adjustable Jot-Up sit/stand staff desks, along with an Olio desking and storage configuration set up for our Regional Sales Manager, Steven. A Wilson Ply meeting table with a Fenix NTM® top sits centrally in the room to allow for client engagement. Fenix NTM® is the perfect material for multi-use tables, as dirt and fingerprints are repelled from the surface, leaving a smooth clean top after every use. FENIX NTM® is also heat-resistant. Additionally, should the surface have superficial micro-scratches, heat actually helps to repair them. The surface of the material is scattered with a dense grid of cross polymers with their own memory, which can be reactivated by the application of heat. To the left, you will find our Jot office storage range with two tone finish and our Flexilink 555 range (showcasing new a Khaki colour) with bespoke Nebraska Oak 50mm laminate cladding. Throughout the showroom, you can see artwork that has been carefully selected from a series created by our in-house Graphic Designer, Kate Webber, depicting agile working scenarios and smarter working set ups.

The kitchen area is the main social hub for the upstairs level. A stylised LVT flooring has been used, detailing architectural and interior patterns along with matte Fenix NTM® tops and wooden legs. This creates an Earthy, natural feel to the space. Tall poseur chairs are available alongside high tables and low rounded dining tables with stackable chairs. In both the main staff office and kitchen, you will find our new laser cut Recycling Units with a central lock, sloping top and drop hole, and removable bin. The Recycling Units feature an internal guide rail to always ensure the bin aligns with the drop hole.

In the main office, you will find the confidential (which has a smaller slot), general waste and paper/card steel bins, and in the kitchen you will find the general waste, food waste and plastic recycling bins. The laser cut was designed by our Graphic Designer, Kate Webber, while the product was designed by our engineering talent, Basil King.

The result of our new Scotland showroom equals a smart, sleek workspace boasting new technologies and smarter ways of working. This allows our staff across the UK to have a central point in Scotland and allows our customers and clients to use it at their leisure for drop in work session or to host their own private meetings needed off site.

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