How to Improve Hygiene in the Office

During winter and widespread virus outbreaks, improving hygiene in the office is imperative. With open plan and agile workspaces, staff tend to move around the office a lot more and come into contact with more people and work surfaces. While this can be great for collaborating and communicating, it’s not so great for hygiene.

Surface Wipes & Anti-Bacterial Gels

In general, it’s good to have a ‘leave it how you would like to find it’ attitude towards flexible and agile working offices, but even if it’s tidy, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean. Keyboards, monitors, task chair arms, handles and work surfaces should all have antibacterial surface wipes around, with an additional request to the cleaners that they are often wiped down.

Anti-Bacterial Finishes

Our ventilated Metal Lockers with anti-bacterial paint finish is an excellent way to improve hygiene in the office and changing rooms, while offering fantastic storage. The antimicrobial paint coating helps protect against bacteria, mold, and viruses which may reduce the spread of germs, which during the current climate, is key. 

The antimicrobial coating is available with 5 of our standard colours; silver grey, fern green, sky blue, chilli red and royal blue. This coating is ideal for any of our metal lockers specified for use in hospitals, schools, gyms, or public businesses where bacteria can be an issue, helping to improve hygiene and safety. 

antimicrobial office lockers

Our range of Metal Lockers feature ventilated doors, allowing for free airflow inside, keeping stored items fresh and dry, even when the locker is securely locked. With the options of mild steel for general use or galvanised (rust-resistant) steel carcasses for wet areas, Flexiform lockers are ideal for offices, hospitals, wetrooms, gyms … almost anywhere.

metal recycling bins

Recycling & General Bins

The NHS phrase of “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” to stop the spread of germs requires, well, bins! Frequent placing of office general waste bins and recycling bins throughout any workplace is important. Flexiform’s range of office recycling bins feature an all steel carcass and sloping top to easily wipe down. Easily identified with unique laser cut designs, the drop hole is wide enough to let most items drop through without touching the unit, helping minimise germs further.

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