The Increasing Popularity of Metal Lockers

We’ve seen quite a few metal office lockers coming off the production line recently and there seems to be a growing trend in the demand for this type of personal storage.

The trend in locker storage can be attributed somewhat to the limited availability and the rising cost of office space. Businesses now have to use their office space wisely and by using lockers to store employee’s personal belongings vital floor space can be efficiently made use of.

Grey Metal Office Lockers

By using lockers, the space needed at an employee’s desk is reduced, meaning additional workstations can be installed. Therefore, the increase in capacity helps to maximise space efficiency. This also gives the workforce somewhere to store their belongings privately and securely. Call centres would be a great example of a working environment that’s has taken the lead with this kind of office layout.

Flexible working is something that has become a popular way of improving the wellbeing of employees, as well as encouraging collaboration. With this way of working, a lot of desk space is becoming under-utilised, as workers opt for collaborative tables to work at with their colleagues.

Collaborative Parq Bench for Flexible Working

Many companies are choosing to remove assigned desks for their employee’s altogether and reduce the overall number of desks within their offices altogether. In many instances it is impossible for each and every member of the workforce to have a set desk to call their own. However, it is still important that they have their own personal space, where they safely store the things that they bring to work with them. This is where lockers come in.

Lockers from the Flexiform factory

At Flexiform, we off a range of standard lockers to suit numerous work environments. We also produce bespoke configurations of lockers for clients, which can be customised by size, colour, locks, finish and the number of lockers within a unit.

Some of the different types of locks on lockers include the following.

  • Standard two key cam lock
  • Four digit combination lock
  • Key pad lock

If you’re interested in maximising space efficiency or adding some lively coloured lockers to brighten up an office, Flexiform has the solution. If you’d like to speak with someone further about the locker options we have available, please call 01274 706206.