Apprenticeships with Flexiform

Flexiform now offer apprenticeships through KITS, Kirkdale Industrial Training Scheme is a long established leading independent Engineering training provider based in Yorkshire

KITS work with local businesses to provide apprentices experience in local industries which also helps to provide future long-time employment. All apprentices receive training on a wide variety of equipment in their specified area of the business, these can include manufacturing maintenance engineer, Welder /Fabricator CNC programmer/ operator gaining invaluable hands on experience as well as theoretical experience to prepare for their future in the work place.

Here at Flexiform we are invested in apprenticeships and believe that it is great way to help future generations develop new skills, which in turns provide the local community with future employment. Statistics show that 90% of apprentices stay in employment after finishing their apprenticeships and 71% of apprentices stay long term with there employer, an apprentice is a great way to ensure specific skill sets are developed through business’ like ours. 

We have recently taken on 3 new apprentices; Kerrigan Mitchell, Brandon Clegg and Shuaib Peters, specialising in 3 different areas of the business. Areas that include Maintenance, Machinist and Welding, the apprentices will shadow employees in these specific areas to gain hands on experience and knowledge from their subject specialists. Apprentices receive the same benefits as their colleagues whilst gaining the qualifications they need to help secure a future job in their specified area. Apprentices spend time working with people of all ages and abilities which helps to develop their confidence, communication skills and ability to work within a team. Flexiform apprentices enjoy the support of the staff within the work place and college throughout their apprenticeship.

The course is delivered through block release with 2 days a week at college and 3 days here at Flexiform.

The apprenticeships run for three to four years with the apprentices completely EAL NVQs level 2, 3 and 4 should they choose too.

An apprenticeship offers a more practical approach to learning than university as well as the opportunity to earn while you learn, studies have shown that qualified apprentices can earn more than 100k, on average throughout their lifetime.

We asked our apprentices how they were enjoying their time at Flexiform so far and what interesting tasks have they been doing, Kerrigan who is specialising in maintenance revealed some of the tasks he has been given include finding out the business’ power consumption and water tank testing, Brandon is studying to become a machinist is learning how to operate and programme the CNC machine and Shauib is learning how to weld.

“This is a really good opportunity for me, I am really enjoying my time here, every day I learn something new and have been made to feel very accepted within the Flexiform team – getting hands on experience is such a different experience to just reading about it.”

Kerrigan Mitchell
Maintenance Apprentice

More information is available on our Training page here.