Living Coral – Pantone Colour of the year 2019

The new year brings us a new colour of the year announcement from the Pantone colour institute. For 20 year’s Pantone has led trends and product development in a whole multitude of industries from homeware and fashion to industrial products. 2018’s Colour of the year was UltraViolet.

This year’s colour is Living Coral, the colour has been described as vibrant yet mellow to help provide us with warmth and nourishment, in today’s current unsettling economic environment which seems to be constantly changing. Living Coral shows our desire for ‘playful expression’ making it ideal for breakout areas and collaborative spaces in offices and education.

The colour institute describes Living Coral as being symbolic of how today’s society is craving human interaction, physical experiences, connection and intimacy as the world as we know it has become so immersed in technology and social media. The natural warmth from Living Coral was inspired by natural coral reefs and how colours beneath the sea work together harmoniously.

“When used within office interior design, the colour could be used as a bold statement to create a pop of colour, making specific areas more appealing for workers, it’s ideal for breakout areas and collaboration zones. The natural warmth of Living Coral could also be implemented through soft furnishings, as well as accents of the colour can be used throughout upholstery or even a bold statement wall.” – Lucie Carr, Flexiform Interior Designer and Space Planner.  


Living Coral in Commercial Interior Design


The most complementary colours would be in the blue family. Blue makes the living coral pop similar to how it is seen in its natural habitat seen within the sea. We worked with our in-house interior designer Nadia Al-Chalaby to create a mood board featuring ‘Living Coral’ that could be used for commercial interior design schemes. The colour itself creates a safe, secure and energising environment when teamed with cool blues and grey of the more traditional office environment.


Living Coral Moodboard

Pantone Living Coral

You can see more coral interior images from us as we will also be updating our colour of the year Pinterest board throughout 2019 too!