A Look Back at Flexiform in 2016

Our offices will be closed from 23/12/2016 to 03/12/2017.

It’s been a great year for Flexiform with the releases of some exciting ranges of furniture, as well as the company’s first-ever appearance at Clerkenwell Design Week.


2016 saw the release of the Ferro range of business furniture, which was styled very differently from anything that Flexiform had done before.

Ferro StorageFerro utilises the raw aesthetic detail of the materials used and emphasises the natural textures and beauty of the process in which this visually striking furniture is manufactured.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Another first for Flexiform was the company’s participation at Clerkenwell Design Week, which took place during May.

Visitors to the Flexiform showroom saw the recently developed ranges that were Fyn, Jot-Up and the aforementioned Ferro.

Nick Saunders Clerkenwell Design WeekPeople who saw the Ferro furniture in the showroom were impressed with the new direction that Flexiform had taken stylistically. The contemporary, industrial characteristics of Ferro had been applied to a multitude of practical office furniture, so visitors could envisage the style in a range of formats.

Fyn screens were dotted around the showroom and moved from desk to desk during the exhibition, as people made inquiries about the screens’ portability. These versatile screens are lightweight, meaning they are easy to pick up and move to an alternative area of the office. What’s more is the Fyn screens support the modern remote office setup and can easily be configured to suit all manner of needs.

Jot-Up, Flexiform’s answer to the ongoing debate about sit/ stand desking, was also on show at Clerkenwell Design Week. Visitors were able to test out the height adjustable desking system and set the height to a comfortable level.

The showroom was fully manned by the Flexiform team, who offered Yorkshire pies and beer to visitors.

The Rise of the Locker

One thing that became very clear during 2016 was a huge number of lockers coming off the production line, which can be attributed somewhat to the limited availability and the rising cost of office space.

Lockers Manufactured by FlexiformFlexiform’s Freestor lockers are very popular and a big part of this popularity is that they can be customised. We’ve seen huge amounts of bespoke lockers in many different colour schemes, to suit our client’s requirements.

Flexiform in the Community

Flexiform supports and invests in the local community.

The main charitable focus for Flexiform has been the support of the Nell Bank Charitable Trust in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

The charity offers day and residential outdoor education to schools and community groups that disabled and underprivileged children attend, catering for over 15,000 school children each year.

Nick Hewitt, Flexiform’s managing director, sits on the board of trustees at Nell Bank.

Flexiform has also given its support to the students and staff at Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford, by donating materials for their design technology project. The task was to build some versatile stools and tables, made from the wood that Flexiform supplied. This greatly reduced the cost of the project for the school and ensured each student had access to enough wood to complete their projects.

Ghyll Royd School of Burley in Wharfedale have received donations of furniture from Flexiform. The West Yorkshire School and Preschool have a great relationship with Flexiform and will continue to do so looking into the future.

Brook Chalmers & Stuart Leddy at Wheels for Wellbeing BrixtonIn the last quarter of 2016, Flexiform visited the Wheels for Wellbeing charity based in the Lambeth area of London.  Flexiform donated a large Asgard bike shed and brought it to London from Bradford to install.

The bike storage unit was installed to provide on-site storage for the disability bikes used by the charity and to ensure their safe keeping.