Meeting & Quiet Working Booths

Media Booth with monitor, table and power
Meeting & Quiet Working Booths

Part of the Agile Working office, work booths come in many forms and configurations from 1-2-1 meeting booths, phone booths for private calls, media booths for groups of people, and individual work booths for quiet working and focus areas of the office. 

Acoustic meeting booths offer a space to collaborate, present, talk, and generate ideas without distracting surrounding staff and hindering their productivity and wellbeing. Media booths, such as the Flexifom Encompass range, are often multipurpose shared spaces that you don’t need to book and are fully equipped to add power and data and a monitor. Their sound-absorbing core helps to minimise noise both inside and outside the booth and is a great way to divide up space and removing visual distractions too.

1-2-1 sound-absorbing meeting booths
Bespoke Encompass Solo Booths

Individual quiet working booths, such as our Encompass Quiet Work Booths, come in multiple configurations and shapes for up to 4 people to work independently  These multipurpose spaces are often fully equipped with an integrated desktop and power and data. These spaces are key for staff to remove themselves from a collaborative and open working environment and provide a quiet space to focus on their task. The combination of both types of booths throughout the office can help staff to move throughout the office to suit their needs and task in hand. 

Key Features
  • Media Booths for meetings and collaboration.
  • Individual work booths for quiet working and focusing on tasks.
  • Acoustically rated to help reduce noise in the office.
  • Various configurations, shapes and designs to suit all office interior design schemes.
  • Fully cable managed with power and data, tables/ desktops.
  • Meeting booths can be fitted with monitor brackets for screens.