Mobile / Archive Storage

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Mobile Storage Systems

Our Mobile/Archive Storage Systems provide a condensed and high-density storage solution for offices and educational sectors. Mobile Storage allows the office space to be used more efficiently and can integrate storage to one specific area, allowing more room for desking. This type of storage occupies a smaller footprint on site and is cost effective.

Mobile Storage is an economically priced, great quality product which provides versatility to the client. The storage is typically designed to work between fixed and static units, making better use of the available space in the office.

We design and build each mobile unit bespoke for you. They can be designed to accommodate obstructions and different heights to maximise the storage space. When used in conjunction with our free filing audit, you can be certain we will take care of all present and future filing needs. This type of storage can easily be relocated and re-sited.

In most instances our systems will increase storage capacity by up to 80% or reduce floor space requirements by 30%.

Barnsley Council high density storage
mobile archive storage
Key Features:
  • Bespoke archived storage solution to suit each customer’s needs.
  • Space saving storage to reduce floor space by 30% and increase capacity by 80%.
  • Easy to use handles to aid movement of shelves.
  • Standard and bespoke paint BS or RAL colours available upon request.
  • Optional bespoke graphics.
  • Optional steel double doors, pull our drawers, reference shelves, dividers, filing rails or hanging rails.
  • Internal storage components available including, shelf dividers and lateral filing rails and combination shelves.