Mobile Storage in the Workplace

Mobile/Move-a-Side shelving can be an important addition to all working environments. This type of condensed/high density storage works well in all sectors, especially libraries, educational sectors and offices which require archiving facilities. Mobile and Move-a-Side shelving allows the office space to be used more efficiently and can centralise storage to one specific area. This type of storage occupies a smaller footprint on site and is cost effective. 

Despite the myth of a ‘paperless office’, there is always a constant need to have physical storage and having a centralised storage facility on site allows staff to easily access content efficiently and quickly, saving on costly offsite storage and retrieval charges. Below is a list of highlighted features for both Mobile Shelving and Move-a-Side Shelving. 

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is an economically priced, quality product which provides versatility. This type of storage is generally designed to work between fixed or static units making better use of available space and improving storage management. It allows for shorter picking routes, centralised storage areas and simplified security.

Layouts are bespoke and can be designed to accommodate obstructions and different heights to maximise the storage space. Runs of appropriate storage units are built on engineered mobile bases and rails are either surface mounted with an infill floor or flush fitted to the existing floor with sufficient room for a single run to be opened and accessible. A range of accessories can be added to this type of archive storage unit, including: pull out drawers, filing rails, steel double doors and combination shelves. Below is a before and after of our mobile storage units being added to the office.

before and after mobile storage

Move-a-Side Shelving

Move-a-side is a self contained, surface mounted storage system designed to make better use of ‘awkward’ spaces by combining both static and mobile storage. This type of archive storage comprises two static units to the rear with a move-a-side unit on tracks at the front. It can often provide the right storage solution for maximising narrow alcove, corridor and wall spaces. 

Installations can be extended length-ways by adding either additional move-a-side units as required. Central island or back-to-back units can also be created to make use of wasted areas or to partition off areas/spaces. This type of storage can be easily relocated and re-sited. installations are designed bespoke to clients’ individual requirements and can also be designed to incorporate a clients’ existing shelving or storage cabinets. A full range of internal storage components are available, including: double doors, shelf dividers and lateral filing rails. Below are just some examples of our move-a-side storage units.

move a side office furniture

“Whilst Flexiform storage units can offer high density storage solutions, the use of a mobile storage system can take the capacity to an even greater level, freeing up further floor space to be used for collaborative or breakout areas”

Liz Dawes, Survey Analyst

In most circumstances, Move-a-Side Shelving and Mobile Shelving can increase capacity by up to 80% or reduce floor space by 30%, providing excellent usage of space within the office.