Peas in a Pod

Impromptu meetings, whilst in an agile working environment, are part of every successful modern working environment. This goes hand-in-hand with the need present work to a select audience, in an enclosed environment that absorbs pass-through noise. The Peas in a Pod meeting pods can accommodate these needs and are suitable for meetings or individual working.

Designed by Andy Heath, Basil King, Chris Raby, James Cummins and Kate Webber the PIP Pod is a combination of Flexiform’s most creative, practical and considerate minds coming together. The PIP pod was designed to support the collaborative dynamics of successful organisations, and the teams and individuals within them that are the driving force behind their achievements.

These semi-private enclosures have a uniquely shaped interior and a floating ceiling top, to promote a constant flow of air and ambient light.

The external walls of the PIP pod are covered in Blazer Pure New Wool Fabric, consisting of vibrant shades of Green and Grey, which bring an organic feel to the exterior of this private meeting area.

Pod Fabric Samples
Inside the pod

This pod includes levelling feet and an optional door. It isn’t fixed to the floor and can be moved around easily, which makes it a versatile piece of furniture, if or when an office floorplan changes. The current version of PIP comfortably fits two people, but a four and six seater pod is coming soon.

The current version of PIP comfortably fits two people, but a four and six seater pod is coming soon.

This product has built-in seating, meaning there’s no need to purchase additional furniture products to go inside. Once inside the PIP pod you will find the floating worktop, designed to create extra leg room, and will more than adequately fit two laptops on top of it.

A wide seating area allows the occupant(s) of the pod to move into a suitable position, in order to minimise the chances of getting neck strain, when looking at TV, laptop and monitor screens. Comfort is of paramount importance, so the height of the back support is at a comfortable height for the arms to rest on the elbow pads. This is to ensure your body is supported and positioned in such a way that you can work as if in a wide open space.

PIP supports the need for devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and networking equipment. Inside you will find a plug-and-go HDMI slot to connect to a TV, as well as wireless phone charging, which enables the flexible worker to set up their equipment quickly and easily.


A mounting bracket facilitates the use of a television (not included), and the interior lights are dimmable, which comes in handy when wanting to focus on the screen. An optional nano-white board can be installed on request, meaning you can quickly jot down and/ or present information to your colleagues. The PIP is ready to use, as and when it is required by the agile workforce.