Credenza Timeline

Credenza Development Timeline

Designed by: Chris Raby

Initial Concept Development
Product Visualisation

Credenza in a Ferro Finish

The Credenza was designed with a Ferro Finish in mind.

Ferro Finish Cradenza 3D design concept

The concept develops to a 3d model

Credenza Side Profile

Potential Solid Base Concept

Credenza Front Visualisation

The final concept is complete

Prototype Production

Credenza in whiteThe first sneak peek of the Credenza in all white.

Credenza near completion

Credenza nearing completion
The Final Product

The carcass of the final Credenza

Goose neck handles and step bend corner detail

Foot option – prototype

Head of Engineering (Chris) and Garry (assembly) fix the prototypes together

Inset top and corner detail – hand finished

Finished Product