Flexilink 555 Shelving

Flexilink 555 Shelving

Flexilink 555 Shelving system is a double-skinned modular shelving and archive storage system that can be extended indefinitely. Ideal for libraries, mail rooms, storage rooms, or as large bookshelves, this racking system is extremely versatile. Flexilink 555 units can be single sided or configured back-to-back, and shelves are positioned on an integral ladder system, allowing easy adjustment in the space between shelves to suit your specific needs. Available with either plain or ventilated backs, this storage system is ideal for long-term or archival storage.

“A modular racking system with a designer edge, our adaptable Flexilink racking is constructed from powder coated mild steel with optional wooden cladding to enhance any environment.”

Nadia Al-Chalaby, Space Planner

The units are available in various sizes, with a choice of six depths, five heights and five widths demonstrating this product’s flexibility. With the potential for unlimited bays, Flexilink 555 uses a minimum of 2 bays to ensure rigidity; making the minimum overall width 1275mm. Bays can be specified with different widths per section, although the height and depth must be consistent throughout. Available in white or silver and with a maximum shelf capacity of 45 kg, Flexilink 555 is an extremely versatile and durable storage system.

Flexilink Shelving