Height Adjustable Table Timeline

Height Adjustable Table Development Timeline

Today’s office trend is for flexible adhoc working spaces.  Meetings on the go are now part of our everyday work life.  At 2.8 meters long our new height adjustable bench, meets that need.  Sitting on just two actuators, this innovative new bench adjusts from 740mm to 1380mm, wirelessly.  This new bench Benefits from a profiled Nano technology work surface, bringing an array of coloured finished and clean lines to the workspace.  Ultra-tough this self-repairing work surface features exclusive wireless technology, giving on (or under) desk hidden phone charging without cluttering your work top and taking up valuable workspace.

Designed by: Tim Wilson

Initial Concept Development

Height adjustable benching

Through our experience in creating Jot-Up, our height adjustable desking range, we’ve come to learn what does and doesn’t work, which gave us a clear vision of what we wanted and how it would operate.

Height Adjustable Table

Heigh Adjustable Feet

Early visuals indicating potential leg designs.

Development of the leg frame system.

Development of the leg frame system.

Prototype Manufacturing & Testing

Actuator Prototype

The actuator was installed into the prototype.

Linak Controls

The height adjustment system controls.

Fenix NTM Worktop Samples

Nanotech Table top Surface

Nanotech Surfaces perfectly reflect the integration of technology.

Inset Height Adjustment Controls Inset Height Adjustment Controls

More to come on this product!! Keep checking!!