Remote Working – What’s Your Office Set-Up Like?

In light of recent events and the uncertainty around it, many of us will be working from home. Whether it’s for a week, two weeks, or a month, we might as well optimise our workspace dedicated to office work, right? Defining your working space and living space is important so the two don’t start to overlap in prolonged home working periods – We don’t want anyone working in bed!

We don’t realise it whilst in the office, but there are certain things we take for granted. We understand not everyone has a task chair at home, but having a chair that is ergonomically designed and stops any back strain is essential. Upholstered chairs, dining chairs, or even a stool can make all the difference. Pick a chair at home that you know you’ll be comfortable in for a long period of time.

Continuing your normal work routine is also important, simply changing out of your pyjamas can help with productivity. It can get a little lonely working alone but remember to assign yourself regular breaks. There are tools available like Microsoft Teams to communicate with your teammates, even FaceTiming instead of sending an email or voice calling can make all the difference. Most of our workforce is currently working from home and we’ve asked them to share their ‘office’ layout and highlight the pros and cons of their set up.

Hazera - Office on the balcony

Pros – on the rare occasions at the moment when the sun is out, I grab my laptop, mouse, and coffee and sit on the balcony. I’d say the view is definitely a pro, and all that fresh air! I love that I’m in a comfortable setting and have most of what I need close to me.

Cons – I absolutely love my height adjustable desk at work and miss it! Just the option to stand and continue to work whilst stretching my legs makes a huge difference. My Pedestal too – I have notes and papers scattered all over the place! And I definitely miss my dual screen! Shame I can’t fix a monitor screen on my balcony table!

remote working workspace

Ilda - Office in the living room

Pros – I love being in the comfort of my own home and being so close to the espresso machine. I’ve set up my workspace in a corner of the living room on the dining table, next to a window so I can get some fresh air. I’m so glad I have a task chair and a 2nd monitor.

Cons – I miss my Jot-up height adjustable desk. During the day I alternate several times for better circulation. Also having a monitor arm and of course, an amazing task chair means all is ergonomically adapted to meet my needs during the day.

task chair and desking office
remote office workspace

Nadia - Office in the attic

Pros – Working from home means I can take a 30-minute lunch break and actually cook a fresh meal – so much healthier than grabbing a sandwich. With all meetings now being done via Teams, it means a more strict schedule is adhered to which gives a bit more routine in the day. 

Cons – The ergonomic set up of my home office is not brilliant. Although I do have an ergonomic task chair, I miss having the Sit-Stand desk and a monitor arm to set my screen at the right height. Being able to stand and move about whilst actually working is something that my home office does not provide.

Flexiform office furniture

Andy - Office in the kitchen

Pros – I have a nice view through my window, I can put on some decent music (thrash metal rules!) -The big plus is I do so much more without interruptions from others.  I can have a nice coffee and toast whenever I want, and I can control the room temperature.

Cons – A day at home is great, but I miss the social interaction of the office. I work in a small corner in the kitchen and a standard chair, which gives me backache after a few hours. Switching off is difficult, creating a division between work and home is tough, it is too easy to work too long, or keep going back to job.

Kate - Office in walk-in-wardrobe

Pros – I’m surrounded by a lot of trees and wildlife, it’s nice to see the squirrels and birds bobbing around and the fresh air coming in. Our team still gets to chat via Microsoft Teams, which makes the process easier, plus the commute is also a lot shorter! 

Cons – With my flat being so small, I didn’t have space for an ergonomic desk like our Pico Single Desks or Jot-Up Lite sit/stand desk. I’ve opted for a stereotypical ‘looks nice, but is uncomfy!’ desk come dressing table! Even with an ergonomic task chair, the heights aren’t quite right!

office workplace set up

Nick - Office in a home office

Pros – To be honest I am very used to working remotely. I spend more time working outside the office than inside. This works well for me as it’s all about flexibility. As long as I have an internet connection I can work as effectively as I can in the office. My lovely Lyndon Agent chairs are super comfy so I can work happily at home for hours with Spotify playlists blasting away in the background,

Cons – People. That is the one thing that working remotely lacks. We are social beings and whether it’s colleagues or our customers, contractors and suppliers, the lack of social contact is a big issue. Let’s keep in touch, keep talking and we’ll come through stronger and wiser.

Flexiform staff home office

What is your home office set up like? We’ve enjoyed seeing people share their photos and experiences with working from home on a Twitter thread. Do you have any pro tips to maximise comfort? Or how to ensure productivity levels don’t dwindle? We’d love to hear your thoughts!