Spotlight on Design Engineer Chris Raby

Chris Raby is in the incredible rare position of getting a 2nd spotlight here on the Flexiform Website – our Head of Engineering and his team of designers have once again created some fantastic new products – starting with the new range of Ferro Credenzas.

Ferro Credenza

Tell us what inspired the new credenzas
There is a definite shift to more domestic looking products, well working trends are having a dramatic effect on the traditional workplace landscape. A quick flick through the industry magazines really shows how the office is being designed with a more domestic feel. In line with that, looking around some of the high end domestic suppliers and we have noticed a lot of industrial looking furniture is appearing – again, really blurring the lines between work and home.

Like your Ferro range?
Yes, Ferro which seems like an eternity ago now (2016) really hit the market at the right time- that range was well received by the design community and our customers, a few case studies are available on our website showing just how something as simple as a desk can really change the look and feel of an office – We have been really pleased with the range, as with all Flexiform products, the range has just grown and grown – we just keep coming up with better ideas and tweaks to the design, largely driven by our customers.

The Credenza is part of Ferro?
Yes and no, we have produced two versions of the credenza, the Ferro version, which is finished in the industrial style and a painted version that uses the same design, but has a much more domestic feel about it. Both blend wood and metal together in a sympathetic way, they just work, either as stand alone statement pieces or as part of a full interior scheme.

Paint credenza - from flexifom

The design has progressed over the last few months, these are truly home grown products, we showcased a couple of prototypes at CDW last year and they got a great response from the design community – we have simply perfected the design. What is really nice about them is the subtle details, the corners are rounded using a step technique, the top is inset and we have a few different leg options, including some fantastic castors that we have sourced.

So completely homegrown?
Yes, totally designed and manufactured by Flexiform, as with the rest of Ferro, myself and the engineers actually get back to the shop floor and help to make the prototypes, as I’ve said before, it’s a great opportunity to get back to the floor and get our hands dirty once again. Once made, we hand it over to Marketing to do their thing online and take the product shots etc. Which again, The Engineering department get involved in, take a look at the photoshoot time lapse and you will see us, building the sets and setting up the shots. Every thing at Flexiform is a team effort.

Whats next?
We shall see how these go down as an official part of the Ferro range, already we have a few out there with customers – while they going through the factory we are working on a new range of tables, again something a little special and different for Flexiform.

and finally ….

In your last spotlight, we asked you what annoys you – you said it was when the pub was shut!  is that still the case??

Actually no, the local pub has extended its opening hours, now I’m annoyed when Marketing owes me money!

Chris Raby – Head of Engineering