Spotlight on Business Development Manager: Nigel Sikora

Nigel Sikora is the latest recruit to the Flexiform sales team, with over 20 years in the workplace industry, we sat down with Nigel to find out he’s finding his time at Flexiform and how he got here.

Welcome to Flexiform, now you have been here for a couple of month’s how are you finding it?

Joining the Flexiform has been great, everyone has been so warm and welcoming willing to help with any questions I have had. My sales support team is based in the Scotland office, however, I live in Harrogate, so I have spent the majority of my time so far in the Bradford office.  I have joined Flexiform as part of the sales team bringing acoustic knowledge gained over recent years, in particular, the design & development of Fabricks.

What is ‘Fabricks’?

Fabricks is a modular Brick system that can be configured to create acoustic walls within open-plan office spaces, they help reduce the noise and visual distractions around the office.

With modern workspaces largely being open areas are aimed at encouraging more commutative and transparent workplace, increased noise levels and lack of concentration can often lead to reduced productivity, this sparked my idea for Fabricks.

Tell us more about your role at Flexiform?

My main focus will be developing new business with design & build organisations and specifiers, working closely with Architects and Designers to help them come up with client based designs, creating an awareness of what they need as a business. Using my previous knowledge and specialties in acoustics I can advise clients on all aspects of their projects furniture requirement.

What have you done previously?

I’ve worked in the workplace industry for around 20 years, 14 years in design and Build, more recently in manufacturing and product design. My roles have always been sales driven and client focused, being an early adopter of design ethnography. Over recent years my roles have required me to be more involved in delivering acoustic product solutions for clients which is when I had the idea for Fabricks.

Why are acoustics so important in the workplace?

Over recent years organisations have adopted a more open plan working environment, in essence taking down walls to create a more collaborative approach to work.

Whilst this philosophy enables greater communication and collaboration ongoing research has shown the negative impact on worker productivity & wellbeing, in particular when doing focused work.

The majority of office workers identify noise as their number one issue concerning the symptoms of stress and reduced productivity. At Flexiform we recognise that every organisation has a unique environment, their own culture and ways of working.

We understand the importance of acoustic space planning and acoustic comfort,  offering a range of soft landscaping products and design services to increase well-being and productivity. I have produced an Acoustic brochure which helps highlight the importance of acoustics in the workplace which I will be using to help educate some of our clients.

To view, the Acoustic Brochure click the link below.

Acoustics Brochure