Subbuteo Competition at Flexiform’s Showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week

As many of you will know, this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week will be the second of the events that Flexiform has taken part in. Building on last year’s extravaganza, Flexiform will be holding a Subbuteo penalty shootout, which costs a mere £2 to enter and you could win a fabulous 6th Gear, Supercar Driving Experience.

Your £2 entry fee will be donated to the great cause that is Kirkwood Hospice, but if you’d like to make a donation now, you also have the chance of winning some more prizes. All of the details are on our Just Giving page.

Play Parq Table Turns into Subbuteo Pitch

The Subbuteo pitch is on the flip side of Flexiform’s new Play Parq table, which is part of Flexiform’s look into improving wellbeing at work.

Why Subbuteo? Here’s a quote from one of our long-time Flexiformers, Andy Heath – “Flexiform’s have stood the test of time. There have been ups and downs throughout the years, but Flexiform have remained a well known player in the business furniture industry, just like the world renowned game of Subbuteo, in the world of table-top games. Just as the name Flexiform is synonymous with great British manufacturing, Subbuteo is synonymous with great British fun and games”.

Subbuteo was invented in 1947 by an ex-RAF serviceman called Peter Adolph. Unfortunately over the past several years leading up to the 2012 relaunch, things were a bit quiet and the game was out of production.

The packaging of the newly available Subbuteo game is mostly green, which is in keeping with the traditional colours and theme. It might be a good to time also mention that the colour theme of Flexiform’s showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week is also Green.