The benefits of a sit-stand working

Sitting for hours a day can send your health into decline, this is one of the main issues with workplaces these days, they involve long periods of being seated, most office workers spend more than 8 hours a day seated, working at a desk or driving to work. Our bodies are not designed not to be sat statically in one position for long periods of time. Movement is imperative for our bodies especially our spinal health.  

With back and neck pain accounting for more the 1 million workplace absences in 2013 according to In a statement published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) caused by prolonged periods of sitting.

Sit/ Stand desks fit perfectly into the modern idea of agile working giving workers flexibility and movement throughout the workplace tying into workplace well-being and newer culture initiatives.

Jot up Sit/Stand Desk

As companies are starting to focus more on employee productivity and well-being, Sit/Stand desks are starting to gain popularity in the UK. The health benefits of sit/ stand working have both long and short-term benefits, standing can help prevent harmful fats and sugars build up in the blood, as a result workers who stand have more energy and find it easier to concentrate, the reason for this is while standing larger muscles within the body are working which increases the flow of blood to the brain improving the way we feel and work.

The Sit-Stand desk has been around for more than 20 years, but has often been perceived as a niche ergonomic item in the UK until recent years, in Scandinavia around 80% of the workforce use sit stand desking, and in Denmark it’s mandatory to offer employees a height adjustable workstation.

Jot up is Flexiform’s height adjustable desk, that incorporates software that prompts workers to move every hour, this helps to beat the biggest issue within Sit/Stand working remembering to move, we all know its easy to get bogged down with your busy schedule. Jot up also allows to export data to see how often staff are moving. Available in 3 configurable heights: Fixed height, height settable and electric height adjustable, making them easier and quicker to adjust this also allows banks of desks to retrofitted and upgraded over time.   

Collaborative Meeting Photoshoot

Flexiform also has the Jot up Meet which is a sit/stand meeting table allowing for adhoc meetings to be had when stood or seated.