The Ultimate Homeworker Set-Up!

Who knew we’d be sat at the kitchen table for so long with a bad back and achy hand? It looks like many of us will continue working from home, so why not make it a space that is comfortable and makes you feel like you’re proactive in the office?

We’ve got a few pointers on how to create the ultimate homeworker set-up. One of the things many people are struggling with is shutting off once work hours are over, so creating a space dedicated to work only ensures you keep a healthy work and life balance.

ergonomically designed task chair

Ergonomic Chair

With lumbar support, adjustable arms, and headrest. Plus soft or hard castors depending upon floor type.

office desking

Ergonomic Desk

740mm fixed height or height-adjustable desk with modesty panel and cable management.

office furniture manufacturer uk

Monitor Arm

With or without laptop support to be able to adjust the screens for an ergonomic set-up.

office desking electrics


Depending upon the room set-up, on-desk phones, and laptop chargers may aid working.

workplace furniture


Natural light boosts health and wellbeing. Also, consider task lighting to help reduce fatigue.

Office planters

Plant & Artwork

Personalised artwork and plants make the space feel nicer and more inspiring to work.

Separate Room

If possible, a separate room can help differentiate working and personal time, getting a better work/life balance.

Flexiform WFH

Work Hours

Set work hours help maintain a work/life balance and can help you stay focused and productive.

Office staff workplace

Get Dressed

Dressing like you would for the office helps you stay focused and motivated, no pj’s here!