Unusual Perks in the Workplace

The workplace is evolving with new technologies and work ethics coming to light. Companies are adopting agile and flexible working practices and company perks to appeal to their staff and to promote a healthy company ethos. Providing staff with more work style options and praising their hard work with perks is a fantastic way to raise productivity in the workplace

Agile working is where employers allow their employees to work where, when, and how they choose with flexibility and minimal constraints. This style of working aims to create a more effective, efficient and responsive organisation. Another style introduced in the working environment is collaborative working, which includes ways to bring two or more organisations or departments together to work on projects and cover informal networks. Providing a space for collaborative working allows other organisations to drop in for informal meetings and provides freelancers or those who are not based in the office a place to work. This style of workplace can include office furniture like height adjustable desks which allows teams to move around during longer collaborative working and personal lockers for organisations dropping in to safely store their belongings. 

With new styles being introduced in the workplace, another way employers are improving workability and wellbeing in the workplace is by introducing perks that are best suited to their employees. According to AccessPerks, 72% of employees said having more work benefits would increase job satisfaction while 15% of workers are looking to change jobs in 2019 due to the lack of benefits at their current job. Providing work perks can promote employee wellbeing and can act as a ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ for their hard work. This can include the standard perks of dress down Fridays or pizza days, with additional perks that aren’t so ordinary. We’ve listed below our favourite unusual perks that can be found in the workplace. 

Workplace perks in the office

A night nanny: 

Curve, a financial services company in London, offer employees a ‘night nanny’. This is where new parents are offered two nights per month of relaxation by supplying a night nanny for the first three months of having a newborn. 

Huddle Cuddle: 

It’s not unusual, but a very tempting perk! Huddle, a software company based in London, gives employees a £5,000 joining bonus which is also called a ‘huddle cuddle’. Employees also receive a gift worth £500 every year. 

The Dream Machine:

Propellernet, an SEO & search marketing company based in Brighton, has a ‘dream machine’. They asked staff to add a ‘dream ball’ into the company’s dream machine, and whenever the company meets a major target, a ball is drawn at random and that employee gets to see their dream become a reality. 

Photo by from Pexels

Dog Days:

BrewDog, a brewery based in Ellon, Scotland, not only allow their employees to bring their four legged friends into work, but they have also introduced the Puppy Parental Leave. This is where they give their staff a paid working week’s leave to help settle a new dog at home.

Rocktostock Festival: 

Octopus Group, a creative agency based in London, encourage staff to pitch tents in a remote field every year. Here, they embark on a two day festival called ‘Rocktostock’, complete with food trucks, music and games. 

Has your company adopted a flexible learning environment that includes agile working or collaborative working? Or does your company have a very particular perk? Here at Flexiform, we host a week long VR event that brings all 130 employees together to go against each other to win the VR champion title! The event always ends with pizza as we watch the finalists battle it out!