What is BioCote and Why do we use it here at Flexiform?

BioCote is an Antimicrobial paint coating which is available as a finish option on our metal lockers. This helps to protect against the negative effects of bacteria, mould and viruses, making our lockers more hygienic and aids in reducing the spread of disease in the workplace environment. 

Why do we use BioCote at Flexiform?

BioCote can be added to our products at the painting stage during manufacture.  The antimicrobial coating is mixed with 5 of our standard colours; silver grey (which is typically used for the carcass of the locker units), fern green, sky blue, chilli red and royal blue. BioCote is most commonly used on these products as they are often specified for use in hospitals, schools, gyms, and public businesses where bacteria can be an issue, helping to improve hygiene and safety across the workplace.

Flexiforms ventilated lockers are available in either mild steel for use in office spaces or galvanised steel for areas subject to moisture such as gyms or wet rooms. Galvanised steel lockers are rust resistant and more resilient to moisture compared to standard office lockers. There is an option available for fitting water resistant locks in addition to the standard ventilation air holes, allowing a greater airflow which helps to stop gym clothes and other contents becoming stale when left in the lockers for an extended period of time.

Our lockers are available with two lock options as standard; a lockable padlock or a keyed cam lock. Lockers are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 door configurations at 1800mm high as standard, bespoke 5 or 6 door units are available. Lockers can be clad to create a neater appearance to tie in with any interior design scheme.