Wilson Ply Tables

Wilson Ply Tables

Created and engineered by in-house designer Tim Wilson, the Wilson Ply range has been designed to suit all areas of office and education work spaces. The tables distinctive 35mm ply top and legs have been inspired by biophilic trends in working environments, creating a dynamic range of tables different to anything previously done by Flexiform.

With its biophilic design connections the Wilson Ply Table range is a great way to add natural warmth to any modern agile working space allowing for a more informal boutique appearance. The inspiration behind the plywood leg was conceived with the idea of Hygge in mind, to create cosy breakout areas that help to define different areas of activity within the office space.

The Wilson Plywood Table features a smooth radial edged worktop and legs with a flat side leg profile which sits at a 45 degree angle to maximise leg space. The table is available as a birch faced ply with exposed laminate edge or with a FENIX laminate face in various colours including graphite, white, beige and black. The Fenix nanotechnological laminate provides an anti-fingerprint soft to touch finish that is also extremely durable, heat resistant and hygienic.

Wilson Ply Laminate Top Table
Wilson Ply USB

The Wilson Ply range has the same strength and functionality Flexiform are known for; with a steel underframe and connecting leg brackets. These Plywood tables are available with or without USB Charging in each leg, central cut-outs for power and data, and optional cable towers (or cable spines) and cable trays to connect the table to the floor grommets.

“Technological advances in I.T. have always been a driving force in desking & table design. These tables have been developed to exploit the new generation of mains & data socket products now available.” – Tim Wilson

This extensive cable management system allows the Wilson Ply range to serve as boardroom tables, meeting tables, collaborative tables or IT desks throughout education and universities, agile work spaces or in offices.