Workplace Design is Evolving to Include VR

Did you know Flexiform offer a Virtual Reality Office Design service? Our Virtual Reality Service integrates with BIM (Building Information Modelling) to bring a clients design from concept to reality. Flexiform’s VR design system helps clients to visualise their project before installation with the ability to walk or fly through a 3D space plan, accessing 100% of the proposed/ designed space instead of being restricted to a single, static visual.

We offer three levels of VR office design, depending on what your design needs: 

360° Static: Jump in between hotspots to view a design from different locations. 360° Statics can be viewed on all devices including mobiles. 

Freeroam: Gives you the ability to navigate anywhere on the plan, entering multiple rooms and viewing at any required height.

Fully immersive: Allows everything that Freeroam can do, but immersive through a headset. Our design team can attend site and demonstrate a full VR design, ensuring the key-stakeholders are onboard with a design at the early stages.

The VR software interacts and is compatible with our Interior Design Software, visuals are accurate and lifelike, a true reflection on how the office will look and feel. Our system is fully immersive, allowing a client to view the design at different heights and angles. For example: you can set it at a wheelchair user height to experience how a user would navigate through the space and make any amends before purchasing the furniture or confirming the layout. Additionally, you can see how your colour choice looks like before ordering, giving clients the confidence in ensuring their office space is to their liking. But it doesn’t stop there. The client also has the ability to change colours, walls, carpets and more. The changes can be viewed live whilst wearing the headset. 

‘Virtual reality allows the customer to be fully immersed in their office design. The freedom to walk anywhere in the office means they can get a genuine feel and understanding of the plan and can be completely confident with the design before placing the order.’ Daniel Poveda-Sharman, Digital.

Below is an example our in-house Interior Designer, Lucie Carr, put together when exploring an Ideal Office setting. This interior walk through allows you to understand the space available, which style and design works in a specific area and if the layout works. 


This service accessible on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This ensures clients do not need to purchase any new or expensive hardware. To find out more about our VR Services, contact