Community Investment

West Yorkshire Investment in the Community

Local Skills & Investment

Flexiform employs many people from the local community. The employee base, in essence, reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity found locally which the Company believes leads to an improved working and local environment. Flexiform encourages the use of local skills and suppliers where practicable to help foster good relationships and help support the local economy.

Often Flexiform donates furniture to local schools or, where a large project is undertaken, offers products at cost. An example of this is the refit of a modern ICT suite specifically designed for a local primary school. Teacher’s desks and storage were also provided for this school.

Nell Bank

Nell Bank Community Centre

The main charitable focus for the business is the support of the Nell Bank Charitable Trust in Ilkley, near Bradford. Nell Bank offers day and residential outdoor education to a large number of schools and other community groups for disabled and under-privileged children across various age and ability range. Nell Bank caters for over 15,000 school children each year.

Support is given by Flexiform’s Managing Director, Nick Hewitt, who sits on the board of Trustees. Nell Bank was previously awarded the National lottery Britain’s best environmental project for 2008.

Flexiform support for local schools

Dixons Trinity Academy

Students of Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford were delighted when the team at Asgard (A division of Flexiform) said they would donate some top quality wooden crates, for use in one of their design technology projects. Teacher Phil Wickham had set his students the task of making some versatile stools, which can also double up as small tables. Usually when students take on projects like this they have to use whatever wood they can get their hands on whether it is bought in or donated by a local business. This is because the costs can soon build up when you need wood for an entire class. When Asgard donated the pallets to the school, both teachers and students were pleased to see that the wood was of a much better quality than they were used to.