Investing in our employees

Flexiform views all employees as an investment; valuable assets helping to build a solid foundation of trust, loyalty and initiative amongst the workforce. The benefits of investing in the continuous development of our employees are clear across the company, and we’ve chosen to make employee development part of their budget, with money, time and education being made part of each of our employees’ yearly plan. We value all our employees and we aim to develop their skills and ensure they feel appreciated and satisfied with their job.

The staff retention rate at Flexiform is something that we’re very proud of. When people come to work at Flexiform, often they stay for their entire working life – We have members of staff with over 30 years experience with us at the company, that level of knowledge is priceless and a really useful asset to be able to pass that knowledge onto our younger teams.

Flexiform Manufacturing Training

“Flexiform have always invested in both the business as a whole and our employees. We believe every employee will benefit from a solid employee development program. Our training programmes extend to both salaried and hourly employees. We believe that by having a continuous training plan in place for employees helps both the individuals and the business as a whole to develop.”
Mark Parrish, General Manager

Training Offered by Flexiform

We invest in staff training courses across the company, from Delivery and Installation, Factory Personnel to Sales & Marketing. The courses are often bespoke to the individual staff needs and development, however here is an example of training courses recently undertaken: 

Management & Office Systems Training
  • HR TrainingIn house training with our HR Professionals
  • Human Resource basics to all Supervisors and Managers
  • Leadership & Management Level 3, 5 & 7
  • Microsoft office skills programme for management and key personnel
  • SB Client & Meztec systems management training
  • CRM user training
Role Specific Skills Training
  • BIM ISO 19650 CourseAccredited by Bre Academy
  • Digital Marketing Courses Accredited by British Academy of Digital Marketing
  • Adobe Suite & Online Marketing Techniques – Accredited by NTI
  • CIPS training starting in April 2022
  • Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice
  • CPC Driver Qualification
Manufacturing Training
  • NVQ Training
  • Spot Welding TrainingAccredited by Pro Spot
  • Quality TrainingTraining is performed in house
  • MIG Welding TrainingAccredited by BOC
  • 5S Training
  • Salvagnini TrainingAccredited by EB Engineering
  • Lean Six SigmaYellow belt for our CI team


We currently offer an apprenticeship programme in collaboration with KIT’s College in Brighouse with capacity for up to 4 students. With some of our staff members being with us for over 30 years, we believe this experience is invaluable for future generations and passes on our combined knowledge.

“This is a really good opportunity for me, I am really enjoying my time here, every day I learn something new and have been made to feel very accepted within the Flexiform team – getting hands on experience is such a different experience to just reading about it.”
Kerrigan Mitchell, Maintenance Apprentice

We have also had a number of work experience students from Bradford College, spending 1-2 weeks with us to understand manufacturing roles and responsibilities on the shop floor. We often invite local schools to come in and visit our manufacturing and design facilities, helping to inspire future generations of manufacturers! The students will get a tour with our Managing Director, Nick Hewitt, followed by a demonstration and talk from our Engineering and Interior Design departments. Our guests will be able to experience our Virtual Reality headsets and understand the various processes in designing, manufacturing and planning products.

Flexiform Apprenticeships