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From concept, interior design and space planning, through to fully immersive virtual reality experience.

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A great workplace is not just putting office furniture into a room – your office is a reflection of your company’s brand and values. Good office interior design is a powerful tool in motivating your staff and communicating your company’s brand ethos and personality to both customers and staff alike.

At Flexiform we supply more than just the furniture. Our all-in-one office interior design service includes interior design and space planning of your new workspace, all visualised through static renders, walkthroughs or utilising virtual reality software. We can also collaborate with any architects or external design firms involved in your project, bringing their vision to life with our products.

ConceptInstallationOffice Before and After
Office Before and After

What impact does office design have?

Flexiform’s Office Interior Design Process

To create the best office design that not only looks great but works for your needs, we take the information gathered from the consultation and survey phase to inform the first concept design. Our office interior design process includes:

Briefing & Project Aims

Site Surveys & Analysis

Initial concept

Client Development

Product Layout & Design

Photo Realistic Visions

Amends & Sign Off

Office Design: Walkthroughs & VR

Explore your new office before you’ve even ordered the furniture with our visualisation services.

Static Renders
For each client, we can supply visuals giving you a snapshot of the office. These are a great way to start to refine product choice, layout and finishes and can be useful all the way through the project from initial concept to final finish selection prior to ordering.

360-degree Hotspots
Explore 360-degree views of the office, hopping between pre-selected anchor points. Available to view on any phone, tablet or computer with internet, hotspots can be emailed to clients to view from different locations. Click on the image right to view an example!

A pre-recorded video of someone walking through the office, showing what they can see in their eye-line, giving you a great feel for how the office looks and feels navigating through it. Click here to see an example.

Virtual Reality
Virtually walk through any part of your office while wearing the VR headset, turning your head to look around the office, with the view set at your eye height for a more realistic experience. As our design team are with you, you can make live amends and see it instantly on-screen. Click to request a demonstration.

What’s included in our Workplace Design service?

BIM Level 2 Space Planning

  • We use state-of-the-art AutoDesk Revit to create our plans, visuals and furniture models according to the ISO 19650 Series. This software allows us to fully integrate with facilities managers and contractors to create accurate and detailed plans.
  • BIM ISO 19650 – BIM essentials and Information Management Course trained space planning team. This course ensures our in-house team recognise the requirements to comply with COBie, the correct procedure for BIM collaboration projects and the key elements of ISO 19650-2.
    Capacity space plans to illustrate the different ways to expand or reduce floor capacity.
  • Reconfiguration of existing plans to develop your office to suit your current requirements.

Modern Working Practices & Briefing

  • Advice on different types of office design, including the latest open-plan working styles, traditional offices, agile working office designs and smart working, helping you transition to a working style to suit your requirements. 
  • Full face-to-face client briefings and meetings with live space planning amends available.
  • Comprehensive site survey to establish room measurements, layouts and to analyse how the existing space works (see more info here).
  • Working with the storage surveys team to ensure the space not only looks great, but functions as you need it.

Office Interior Design & Furniture

  • Fully trained and experienced Interior Design team.
  • Help and advise with interior design schemes, creating proposals and mood boards including colour, fabrics, carpets and accessory suggestions.
  • Computer rendered visuals including static images, 360-degree views, walkthroughs and virtual reality with headset to fully visualise your new workspace. See above for more details. Level of service may vary depending on size of the project. 
  • Office furniture specifications to suit your staff’s needs, traffic volumes and the interior design scheme.
  • Ability to work with bespoke furniture teams to provide a bespoke solution to your needs.