Green Investment Bank

Green Investment Bank is the first bank of its type in the world, backing green projects on commercial terms and mobilise other private sector capital into the UK’s green economy. The Green Investment Bank fit out won the British Council for Offices Award 2014, for projects up to 2,000m2.

“The Judges commented that the UK Green Investment Bank and their designers have created a calm and pleasant workplace within Atria One in Edinburgh. The team maximized the inherent spectacular panoramic views over the distant Firth of Forth and in close proximity to the city skyline and Edinburgh Castle. The use of branding, colour, technology and staff engagement creates a very positive environment for the enjoyment of the occupiers, and gives GIB a pride in showcasing their operation to Ministers of State and visiting dignitaries.”


  • CLIENT: Green Investment Bank.
  • LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico Back-to-Back Desks, Desk Mounted Screens, On-Desk Electrics, Monitor Arms, Pedestals, Dining Table & Chairs, High Back Sofa, Bespoke VC Desk, Jot Side Filer Storage, Flip-Top Tables, Credenza, Meeting Seating, Low Back Sofas, Coffee Table.
  • WORKSPACES: VC Suite, Meeting Rooms, Reception, Open Plan Offices, Staff Canteen.
  • COLLABORATION: Michael Laird Architects.
  • AWARDS: British Council for Offices Award 2014, for projects up to 2,000m2.

Flexiform were asked to supply a tender bid for the supply of furniture for the impressive UK headquarters of the Green Investment Bank on the seventh floor of Atria One in Edinburgh. The bid included furniture for the whole office, including reception, meeting rooms, boardrooms, open plan office space, and café and breakout areas, which including the outdoor balcony. Flexiform’s design teams were also asked to offer bespoke furniture solutions for the CEO office, meeting rooms and VC rooms.

After a visit to our showroom in Livingston, Flexiform were successful in a tender bid to supply the entire furniture practice. Green Investment Bank wanted their suppliers to have green credentials, Flexiform have an impressive range of Green credentials, thanks to all of our products being reused and recycled. We conduct a full carbon footprint audit on an annual basis, and are FIRA certified, and are part of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme. We are also FSC® certified and ISO 14001 approved.

Throughout the Green Investment Bank project, Michael Laird Architects selected natural, clean products to illustrate the bank’s green credentials and ethos. Flexiform products have a clean, minimalist design, which works with the theme and tone of the building. Due to the success of this project, Flexiform has continued working with Green Investment Bank on further projects.

Green Investment Bank selected Pico, with its slender and minimalist, yet sturdy, leg  Pico comes in a wide selection of RAL finishes and MFC tops. and available in a single, side-to-side, 120-degree or back-to-back configuration, the last of which was chosen by GIB.

The Pico range has a built-in cable management system, which is accessible by pulling the sliding top forward. When adding extra desktop power modules and monitor arms, desk space can be freed for other necessary electronics or equipment. This was key for Green Investment Bank, as staff needed extra space. Fabric desk screens can also be used as a pinboard and can be accompanied by various accessories including whiteboards, pen trays, phone trays and box file holders to store desk items close to hand.

For a complete desk set up, Green Investment Bank selected all-white three-drawer pedestals to offer personal storage facilities, alongside taller Jot lateral drawer storage for office files. Flexiform prides itself on its various storage facilities, catering for all clients’ needs. With different ranges available, and thanks to the resources of our UK factory and in-house engineering department, Flexiform can provide an incredibly wide range of solutions.