Flexiform’s Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 in Review

In the words of our Sales Director, Nick Saunders “Clerkenwell gives us the opportunity to say – actually come on have a look – yes we’ve got some beer and some lovely pies, but come and have a look at what we’re thinking about, and what we could do for you – how we could change the way you think of us as a business”. And that’s what we set out to do at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Festival. How did we accomplish this? Let’s take a look and see.

Nick Saunders – Video interview for Wellworking.

Greenery Theme

If you visited our Gee Street showroom, you might have been forgiven for thinking you’d walked into a quintessentially British park, or even the beach depending on which part of the showroom you were in.

The idea was to recreate the classic British summertime indoors. You could feel the grass, as well as sand under your feet; sit in a deck chair, and have a picnic with the pies and beer on offer, all while taking in the organic green scenery, inside the office setup.

“Best showroom at CDW”

Greenery (15-0343) is the Pantone colour of the year, this year. Flexiform fully embraced this when designing the Gee Street showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week.

Decked out in green living walls, with complimentary furniture upholstered with earthy, natural tones, the showroom was an ode to the natural world, placed amongst the high-rise concrete office blocks of London.

“Flexiform have changed so much over the last 3 years”

Adding to the green theme running throughout the showroom were outdoor themed games such as table football, and some genuine outdoor games like archery that had been set-up inside the showroom.

 “The Subbuteo game is great, takes me back to when I was a kid”


New Virtual Reality Interior Design Service

The Gee Street showroom hosted our new virtual reality interior design demos all day long, during the design week. In charge of hooking people up to the VR equipment was none other than our virtual reality experts Daniel Poveda-Sharman.

A huge amount of interest and attention was given to our VR service, and visitors young and old took part in the demo.

Here’s a brief highlight from the Instagram account of a London-based interior designer, Elmira Magomedova (pictured to the right).

The new service being offered by Flexiform has huge benefits for clients, who can get a real sense of how their office could look before they commit their budget to a project. Because the full design scheme can be visualised, there will be a much better understanding of where staff will be situated in an office, and how teams will be able to interact with one-another.

Checking the progress of #VR in #interiordesign @flexiformltd #cdw2017

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New Products

The eagerly-anticipated unveiling of the PIP Pod happened during the festival.

People who came to see the Pod wanted to know whether a small meeting space could be filled with necessary technology to hold a fully functioning meeting in the modern workplace. The pod that Flexiform designed and manufactured is ideal for meetings, whether they are ad-hoc or formal presentations. This – as many showroom visitors found out, is because the pod boasts all of the required technology to put you online, and connect wirelessly in an instant.

Flexiform also had some fun products to show off; the flip-top archery table, and Play Parq, which is a Parq table that has a Subbuteo pitch on the reverse side. Both of these products are aimed at injecting some fun into the office environment. Other new products included a new Credenza and a height adjustable table. Both products received a lot of interest!

Flexiform's CDW Highlights

Amongst the sand, deck chairs, and the outdoor themed greenery inspired decoration, you will also be able to see a lot of new products that Flexiform brought to the public’s attention this year. These products included new additions to the Ferro range of furniture, Fyn screens, laser cut recycling bins, height adjustable tables, and of course Subbuteo and archery tables. You’ll also be able to see the incredible Berço chair, and vibrantly green living walls.

“Great products – not what we expected!”