Jot Storage with Chunky Wooden Surround

Flexiform’s premium Jot range of storage now has a chunky organic finish applied to it. You can now find this choice furniture with a MDF core and ply effect edge surround. This enables the range to become part of an office space that has a more organic theme, bringing materials from the outside inside.


Multi-functional storage space is a must have for the modern office. An office floorplan can often change over time and if the furniture can’t adapt to the new configuration, it’s often the storage, desks, chairs, and tables that are sacrificed first to accommodate the new arrangement. With the Jot range of storage you’ll find that each piece of storage furniture works in-sync to create a stylish and functional office environment.


This new finish can be applied to Jot side filers and hinged door products and comes with a wide range of internal components to make your life easier. The drawers come in 6, 9, 12 and 15 inch depths and have inset handles.

Jot Desks with Wooden Effect Surface

Jot storage has previously been used on such high-profile projects such as Debenhams, Refuge and the Green Investment Bank.