Alternative Networks Group

Alternative Networks is a leading provider of managed IT solutions to UK businesses. Working from 6 UK locations, Alternative Networks required furniture including desks, tables, chairs, soft seating, screen systems and storage. There were no specific projects scheduled at the time of tender but, based on site audits, Alternative wanted a catalogue of products which could be provided at any time during the five-year agreement, whether the order was a single item or a major project. Subsequently, two large moves have been carried out; one in Surbiton and one in Central London.

Flexiform put together a product catalogue and price list specifically for the Alternative Networks Group. We provided a number of cost and quality options for each product line and carried out client-­focused evaluation groups for all of the products offered. This enabled us to select the ideal product for each of the client’s requirements, meaning that the catalogue and price list was as relevant and competitive as possible.


  • CLIENT: Alternative Networks Group.
  • LOCATION: Surbiton, South West London, and Central London.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Nick Saunders.
  • PRODUCTS: Parq Bench, Bespoke Additions 2 Tables, Quite Working Lounge Chairs, Low Back Modular Chairs, Bespoke Laptop Tables, Freestor Accent Lockers, Additions Pedestal Base Table, Stools, Meeting Seating, High Back Sofas, Additions Tables.
  • WORKSPACES: Reception, Collaborative Areas, Breakout Areas, Meeting Rooms, Quiet Working, Staff Canteen.
  • SERVICES: Bespoke Price List & Product Catalogue, Space Planning, Interior Design, Bespoke Products.

This process also enabled us to meet one of the key client briefs, which was to have a range that was suitable for all of the diverse sites, from service engineers to client facing demonstration suites, that Alternative have in the UK. As the group is expanding, the products needed to be available for a long period of time, so we were careful to ensure that there was a long shelf life on everything proposed. As Flexiform manufacture the majority of the products in the catalogue in­house, we can easily meet this requirement.

The products had to be robust as the group can relocate offices quite quickly, depending upon their customers’ requirements. Ease of dismantling and relocation, then, became a key issue. We also needed to specify products that fitted well with their existing products, as the group had made a number of ad­hoc procurements of furniture that were still totally fit for purpose. As part of this process, we provided a number of space planning options to show how the new and old furniture could work together.