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  • How many paint colour choices are there?

    We have a large range of standard RAL finishes available including black, silver, graphite grey, pale grey, zinc yellow, orange, carmine red, arrow red, pastel mauve/violet, tauben blue, ultramarine blue, royal blue, sky blue, regal blue, water blue, pastel turquoise, and fern green. We have a wide range of non-standard finishes available to suit clients requirements, please contact Flexiform for more information. Please note non-standard finishes may incur an additional cost and extend lead times.

    You can find our finishes at the bottom of each product page, or download our Finishes Guide here.

  • Are your products sustainable/good for the environment?

    Each of our products are designed with the environment in mind, to reduce waste and CO2 output. We have an environmental report on 6 of our most popular products listing the carbon impact of manufacturing, plus recyclability content on every product. Through our hand-picked suppliers we can provide a range of highly environmentally friendly products and fabrics.

    For more information please visit our Environmental page.

  • Do you provide furniture to home offices?

    Yes, we have standard home office desks, task seating and desk accessories to suit your needs. To see our home office products please click here.

  • How many different colours can I specify on your lockers?

    Each door can be painted a different colour if required. As we manufacture and paint all our products in-house, any RAL colour is available on request. Please note however these will be subject to a minimum order quantity and will affect the lead time of your order.

    For Luxo Lockers, up to 3 finishes may be specified from over 130 finishes as standard. For more details please see our Luxo product page

    You can find our finishes at the bottom of each product page, or download our Finishes Guide here.

  • Are you able to manufacture products to specific sizes?

    Yes, we can manufacture products to specific sizes, however this is highly dependent on the quantity required. We may also be restricted by the machine’s capabilities. You can find more information and examples on our bespoke service page.

  • Do you have a range of products that are available ex stock?

    All our products are made to order, we do not manufacture excess stock. In an event of unwanted furniture we donate to local charities and schools, please see our Community Investment page for more details.

  • What top finishes are there?

    Our MFC tops are 25mm thick as standard with a 2mm ABS edge. Colours available include White, oak, beech, grey, walnut, romano cherry and maple with matching edging. Our white and grey MFC tops are available with multiplex, black or oak contrasting edging as standard.

    Our Channel table is also available in denim blue, dusk grey, Nebraska oak and white laminates. All office furniture can be specified with a Fenix laminate top as a bespoke option. 

    You can find our finishes at the bottom of each product page, or download our Finishes Guide here.

  • How do I remove a drawer from one of your cabinets?

    Due to the technical aspect and high chance of damaging the product, we strongly advise that this is only done by Flexiform trained fitters.

  • What fabrics can I have on my products?

    There is a wide variety of fabrics on the market across different price bands which we can use. Your sales representative will suggest some appropriate fabric which are applicable to the furniture usage, style and budget. Fabrics we often use are Camira, Kvadrat, Gabriel, Vescom, Bute and Chieftan. For a full list of fabric ranges, their price banding and chair compatibility please download our seating specification guide.

  • How do I set the height for your Jot-Up height adjustable desks?

    There are several ways to easily adjust the height of our Jot-Up desking range. Each desk comes with a two button control panel located just under the desk top surface. The two buttons adjust the height according to the direction of the arrow on the button. The height can also be adjusted by using software on your laptop or PC as well as from a smart phone (Please note that these methods require additional parts):

    Desk Control – USB or Bluetooth Connection

    You can connect via a USB Cable and set the height from the software by using the up down height controls. The same software is also used if connecting via Bluetooth (Bluetooth adapter is required). To download the software click here.

    Bluetooth Mobile Connection

    Another method is by using an Android or iOS device. You can connect to the desk controls via Bluetooth and adjust the height easily with the up and down buttons. To download the software visit the appropriate app store: Android, iOS & Desktop


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  • How can I download your case study images?

    A lot of our case study images are available from the Resources or product pages under the applicable product download. For any image enquiries including high resolution images, please contact Kate Webber (

  • What quality standards does Flexiform comply with?

    As a high quality furniture manufacturer, Flexiform complies with all the standards and regulations that you would expect. We are accredited to ISO9001(2008) for quality, ISO14001 environmental and sustainability matters and to ISO 45001:2018 for our health and safety management.

    All of the products that we sell are designed and manufactured to the relevant British and European standards and the vast majority are tested to these standards. As a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) we are always up to date with our obligations in this area. You can download various compliance certificates in our download area.