Hymans Robertson Office Fitout

With our ongoing relationship to transform their offices, Flexiform has recently completed the design, manufacture, and installation of office furniture for Hymans Robertson’s Glasgow office. The installation took place at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which presented a new set of challenges for Flexiform and the clients in-house teams. However, both teams ensured communication was clear throughout the installation to create a safe working environment during installation.

Collaboration is a common theme throughout the open-plan office, creating spaces where different teams can come together for meetings, presentations, and team catch-ups. The tables were a selection of low coffee tables all the way up to poseur height benches. Our bespoke Parq poseur height table features a FENIX NTM® worktop and a black frame, matching the accompanying black wire leg stools. 


  • LOCATION: Glasgow.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico back-to-back desks, Additions pedestal based table, Bespoke Additions 2 table, Parq poseur table with FENIX NTM® worktop, Freestor office lockers, Freestor Tambour storage, Jot Hinged Door storage, high back chairs, high back sofas, stools, task chairs, acoustic screens, laptop tables.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Workstations, Collaboration Spaces, Dining Area, Meeting Spaces, Quiet Working Spaces.
  • SERVICES: Furniture manufacture, installation, and bespoke furniture.

However, for those requiring a quieter space for work, many of the collaboration spaces feature acoustic high backs and sound deadening screens. High back chairs surround low coffee tables for informal conversations. High back, two-toned sofas are situated either side of our Wilson table with spindle legs, providing staff with a collaborative space for team meetings, while our Additions Pedestal Table with stools are perfect for quick chats and 1-2-1’s. The meeting chairs are situated alongside a selection of acoustic screens, reducing distracting ambient sounds from other parts of the open-plan office.

The general office area consists of Pico back-to-back desking, complete with desk mounted monitor arms, power and data module, and ergonomically designed task chair. At the end of the workstations sit our Freestor side opening tambours, providing a maximum storage solution without taking too much floor space, thanks to the reduced operating footprint.

Our Freestor Side Filer office storage units and Jot Hinged Door storage units can be found throughout the office space, breaking up collaboration and meeting spaces and providing staff with storage for documents, stationery, and all work-related items. Our Freestor Office Lockers with post slots and cam locks provide staff with a secure space to place their personal belongings, allowing staff to keep a clear workspace. 

Touchdown spaces feature a bespoke Additions 2 table, with cutouts to allow power and data. Staff can bring along their laptops for longer meetings and the ergonomic tasks chairs ensure the staff will be comfortable throughout. Other meeting spaces include an Additions table with an oval top, allowing for better collaboration between staff, and Additions Pedestal based tables in separate meeting rooms. The dining space features a range of poseur height tables and dining height Additions Pedestal based tables and Wilson tables with spindle legs. Comfortable seating is present in this space, including high back stools and black wire-framed stools.