Flexiform provided the manufacture and installation of office furniture for Orica in their Addlestone offices. The open-plan office boasts a collection of Flexiform furniture, including products from our desking and storage ranges.

The workstations are made up of our Pico 120 desks with rectangular loop legs and cable management trays to ensure a clear workspace for staff. 120-degree desks are more social as staff are facing towards each other and feel more spacious and private as the desk curves around the user. The addition of central low desk mounted screens follow the colour scheme throughout the office and help reduce noise and visual distractions, adding to the feeling of privacy. Under the desk you’ll find our 3 drawer Pedestals, providing a storage solution for staff to store away any work-related documents or personal items.


  • CLIENT: Orica.
  • LOCATION: Addlestone.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Nicholas Ruggles.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico 120 desks with cable management trays, desk screens, task chairs, meeting chairs, poseur height stools, canteen chairs, reception soft seating, tall Freestor Tambours, Pedestals, Additions circular table with pedestal base, boardroom tables, Planters, coffee table.
  • WORKSPACES: Open plan office, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, workstations.
  • SERVICES: Furniture manufacture and installation.

Collaboration spaces are made up of poseur height tables and bar stools, providing an away from the desk solution for quick meetings and discussions. Additionally, sofas are also present here, providing a comfortable space to relax for informal meetings and 1-2-1’s. Our Freestor Tambours aid in breaking up the different workspaces whilst providing storage for work documents. The additional Storage Planters above the Tambours are in line with biophilic and wellbeing trends in the office, adding a touch of greenery to the open plan space.

The meeting rooms comprises large conference tables surrounded by ergonomically designed task chairs. The tables feature built-in power and data for conferences and meetings that require presentations or for staff to bring their mobile devices. The canteen houses our Additions circular pedestal base dining tables surrounded by wire framed chairs.