Thomson Gray

Thomson Gray, a construction consultancy, required new office furniture for their new larger offices. Flexiform were invited to tender for the furniture supply by Form Design Consultants, we followed the brief set by the designer and up against the strong competition, Flexiform was awarded the contract.

Flexiform installed our Pico Desk back-to-back desk configurations with desk mounted screens for privacy and bespoke storage caddies for instant access to files at the desk. Olio Storage with side filer drawers and bespoke plexiglass back panels were also installed for pocket storage and as space dividers. Flexiform’s Additions 2 Tables with chrome A2 legs were featured in the boardroom for an elegant and formal setting.


  • CLIENT: Thomson Gray.
  • LOCATION: Scotland.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Steven Bow.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico Bench Desks, Desk Mounted Screens, Bespoke Storage Caddies, Addition Oval 4 Leg Table, Bespoke Olio Storage, Additions 2 Tables, Credenza, Meeting Seating, Task Seating.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Breakout Areas, Meeting Rooms.
  • SERVICES: Bespoke Products.
  • COLLABORATION: Form Design Consultants.