Monitor needed 1322mm high lockers with 6 lockers in each (4 doors and 2 drawers) and there would also be a requirement for some of these lockers to have a single drawer at the bottom to provide a Team Storage element. RFID locks and random colour patterns to the doors were also requirements. All of this was dependent on the removal of existing storage cabinets of a similar height, which these lockers would replace. The project was over 4 floors, and deliveries would be phased over a 3-month time frame, during weekends.


  • CLIENT: Monitor.
  • LOCATION: Waterloo, London.
  • PROJECT LEAD: London Hub.
  • PRODUCTS: Freestor Accent Personal Lockers.
  • SERVICES: Bespoke Colour Lockers.

Monitor knew that we supplied furniture to other NHS departments within the same building and were impressed with our quality of service and of product. Before starting the work the brief was changed slightly. The original units we would be replacing were to be kept after all, but the team storage drawers were to be dropped.

As floor space had become a real problem we needed to be creative. We moved from the proposed locker configurations to taller units (1742mm 8 door locker units, and 2150mm 10 door locker units) which had similar layouts to the original proposal, i.e. with 2 drawers at the bottom. These units were used to create soft space on one floor, necessitating the use of fabric back panels, which were attached with magnets. This proved to be very successful. We also decided to fit Oak MFC tops on the lower units, as these would now be integrated with the existing similarly equipped units.