Community Investment

West Yorkshire Investment in the Community

Local Skills & Investment

Flexiform employs many people from the local community. The employee base, in essence, reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity found locally which the Company believes leads to an improved working and local environment. Flexiform encourages the use of local skills and suppliers where practicable to help foster good relationships and help support the local economy.

Often Flexiform donates furniture to local schools or, where a large project is undertaken, offers products at cost. An example of this is the refit of a modern ICT suite specifically designed for a local primary school. Teacher’s desks and storage were also provided for this school.

St Cuthberts Gladiator - Donated by Flexiform

St. Cuthbert's Church

Wrose Community Garden

Flexiform donated an Asgard Gladiator to St. Cuthbert’s Church, as part of their growing work with the Wrose Community Garden initiative. The shed is one of Asgard largest and offers plenty of room for them to store the largest of gardening equipment.

“A big thank you from Wrose Community Garden and St Cuthbert’s Church for the fantastic donation of the new metal shed. It was delivered on the date and time agreed and the delivery guys gave us plenty of advice on how to get the most out of it.

The shed will be used to store gardening equipment and other items used by the 3 local primary schools who attend on a regular basis for wildlife lessons.

We are overwhelmed by your generosity. ” – Steven Harvey

Save the Children

National Christmas Jumper Day

Flexiform office and factory staff took part in Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day on December 14th 2018. Baubles aplenty were on show all day with the winning jumper belonging to Jane – Lucky Jane scooped up the fabulous prize of a bottle of bubbly and chocolates. In total staff raised £97.22.

Christmas Jumper Day- Raising money for Save the Children
Trussell Trust Food Bank - Fleiform Staff Donoations

Bradford North Food Bank

The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 420 food banks, which work out of more than 1,200 centres across the UK providing emergency food to people referred for support. The network gave 1,332,952  three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis last year alone.

Hi Andy
Just a quick note to say thank you to all at Flexiform for their generous donations, every item donated helps us to make a real difference in the local (Bradford) area. We have 1 warehouse and 5 distribution centres, giving an average of 1.5 tonnes of food per month, yet we only get 1 tonne in from regular donations, therefore we rely on special collections like harvest and Christmas to boost our stock levels. Many thanks, Steven Harvey

For donations contact;

Huddersfield University

Flexiform partnered Huddersfield University as a location for several photoshoots throughout 2017 and 2018, including large-scale photoshoots for office storage, desking and tables.  Flexiform has a strong connection with Huddersfield University, with several of the Marketing department being Huddersfield graduates.

As part of our community investment Flexiform believes in using local resources wherever possible. The photoshoots spanned several weeks, using the Universities fantastic architecture as a backdrop with current Design and Marketing students stepping in as models.

Flexiform donated a Plan Chest to a local school's technology department

Local School - Bradford

Pictured is the Lead Technician for a local school in Bradford.  Flexiform donates several ex-demo items from recent photoshoots and exhibitions, including chairs, lockers, light boxes and plan chests (pictured) – “Flexiform’s generosity is amazing, in a school such as ours funding is not always available for none essential items, so donations from local businesses are most welcome”.

“Donating products and services to the local community is important to Flexiform, we take part in numerous shows and photoshoots throughout the year. The products are in perfect condition and ideal for local (startup) businesses and charities who would not necessarily have the funding to buy such items.  Flexiform is a successful business, and in a position to help those less fortunate, we are happy to help the local community whenever possible.”

Islington Foodbank

With 3 main offices across London, Scotland and West Yorkshire, we here at Flexiform are keen to invest in all our local communities. Helping wherever possible, our London office regularly donate to their local Foodbank in Islington. The Food Bank is a project founded by the local church and community.  

The Islington foodbank is part of the Trussell trust which has a network of over 420 foodbanks across the UK which help provide a minimum of 3 days’ worth of emergency as well as support for people experiencing crisis.

Islington Foodbank - Flexiform Charity Donation

Macmillan Cancer Support - Brave the Shave

Flexiform recently held two events two events simultaneously to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support.

Five volunteers took part in “Brave the Shave”.  Customer Services Manager, Helen and Jane the sister of one of our volunteers (and professional Hairdresser) took the clippers to Liam, Ray, Kevin, Pete and Richard.  Whilst these guys “braved the shave”, the rest of the us watched in awe as clippers flew through the air and hair flew to the floor.  Fortunately, though this didn’t put the rest of us off enjoying the home made cakes and treats that other staff had made for the event.

The total raised for Macmillan cancer support was an incredible £1,700, an amazing effort by all involved.

Swan Lane Equestrian Centre

Flexiform business furniture, firmly believe in reinvesting in the local communities of West Yorkshire, helping charities and new businesses where ever possible. Flexiform has recently donated chairs and lockers to local Horse Riding School Swan Lane Equestrian Centre in Huddersfield.

“We often have product left over from large photoshoots or customer demonstrations, these products sadly can’t always be reused, so, when the opportunity presents itself we donate as much as we can to local charities or businesses. Putting back into the local area is a key part of Flexiform’s Business Plan, recycling by reusing is exceptionally satisfying for us as a company”Andy Heath, Marketing Manager

Flexiform donated furniture to the Swan Lane Equestrian Centre
Chaos @ St Vincent's - Flexiform Furniture Donation

CHAS @ St Vincent’s

CHAS @ St Vincent’s is a dedicated community support project which helps disadvantaged people in the BD3 area of Bradford, which is where Flexiform’s Factory and Head office is based. As a business we have donated numerous pieces of unused furniture to the projects furniture Re-use scheme. The scheme helps people with a low budget purchase 2nd hand  furniture and household goods.

CHAS @ St Vincent’s works with people from all backgrounds and faiths. CHAS @ St Vincent’s provide a variety of services to help reduce the effects of poverty for local people.

Kirkwood Hospice Charity Fundraiser at Clerkenwell Design Week

At Flexiform, we are passionate about our ongoing commitment to the local community, we try to raise as much money as we can, and one of our key partners is Kirkwood Hospice.  It’s an organisation that positively changes the lives of thousands of people throughout the community. They provide specialist care to adults with advanced and progressive illnesses at any stage, from the diagnosis to the end of life; Kirkwood Hospice will attend to each and every one of the patients needs. However, the incredible care doesn’t stop at the patient, as Kirkwood Hospice is also there to support the family and friends of the patients.

Clerkenwell Design Week is a design festival that attracts tens of thousands of people to an area of London known as Clerkenwell. As part of our Clerkenwell Design Week celebrations, we decided to give away some incredible prizes through raffles and mini competitions that we hosted throughout the week. Our friends in the industry also helped our cause by donating thousands of pounds worth of prizes. Every penny we raise goes to Kirkwood Hospice as our way of saying thank you for giving the community such an excellent level of care.

Sunshine & Serenity

We have also worked with Kirkwood Hospice via our sister company; Asgard Secure Steel Storage. This year we got some help from our long time friend Team GB and multi Gold Medalist cyclist Elinor Barker.  Elinor kindly donated her very own Asgard bike shed to auction off for Kirkwood, and got her fellow GB team riders to sign a number of plaques to fix to the shed to make it an even more special prize for one lucky winner.

Not to be out done, Helen Scott another Olympic Medal winning friend of Asgard, had the Paralympic team to sign even more plaques.  What a fantastic prize.

The event featured a British Summer outdoors theme which had lots of bunting and a charity auction, in which our donated Asgard shed was auctioned off to one lucky winner!

The event marked the 30th anniversary of Kirkwood Hospice and we we’re honoured to be a part of the celebration, and we look forward to all the future projects that we can get involved with.

‘Kirkwood Hospice are delighted and extremely grateful that Flexiform have nominated Kirkwood Hospice as their chosen charity. We very much look forward to working together in the future. All support will go towards vital patient care at the Hospice and will truly make a great difference to local people living with a life limiting illness’

Kate Leadbeater
Partnership Development Manager

Flexiform supports Dixons Trinity Academy

Dixons Trinity Academy

Students of Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford were delighted when the team at Asgard (A division of Flexiform) said they would donate some top quality wooden crates, for use in one of their design technology projects. Teacher Phil Wickham had set his students the task of making some versatile stools, which can also double up as small tables. Usually when students take on projects like this they have to use whatever wood they can get their hands on whether it is bought in or donated by a local business. This is because the costs can soon build up when you need wood for an entire class. When Asgard donated the pallets to the school, both teachers and students were pleased to see that the wood was of a much better quality than they were used to.

Nell Bank - Flexiform Local Partnership

Nell Bank Community Centre

The main charitable focus for the business is the support of the Nell Bank Charitable Trust in Ilkley, near Bradford. Nell Bank offers day and residential outdoor education to a large number of schools and other community groups for disabled and under-privileged children across various age and ability range. Nell Bank caters for over 15,000 school children each year.

Support is given by our staff and Managing Director, Nick Hewitt, who sits on the board of Trustees for 10 years. In the past, we have donated some tables for their classrooms, and recently we have donated an Asgard Bike Hanger. This supplies a safe place for workers to store their bikes. Flexiform continue to work closely with Nell Bank. 

39th Parkwood Scouts

A member of staff has been a scout leader at the 39th Parkwood Scouts in Huddersfield for over 15 years. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they have had to relocate from their original space. Over the past 12 months, they have worked tirelessly in finding the perfect location and last on their list was refurbishing the outside for troop night.

Flexiform have helped refurbish the outside space so the children in Parkwood Scouts can use it on troop night. We had a surplus of fake grass from recent photo shoots which we have donated to the scouts to support this.

parkwood scouts