Manufacturing storage for over 40 years

At Flexiform, we have been designing desking for over 40 years and have a comprehensive range of office desks suitable for managerial offices, traditional bench set-ups, quiet working and collaborative spaces. All our desking have a 25mm MFC top and a comprehensive cable management system for a full IT set-up.

Pico Desking

Pico Single Desk
Pico Desks Back to Back
Pico Desks Side to Side
Pico 120 Degree Desk
Key Features
  • A range of desks which offers continuity throughout the office.
  • Single, side-to-side, back-to-back and 120 degree desks.
  • Use as a complete desk set up or as part of a ad-hoc/quiet zone area.
  • Uses shared components, desks can be extended or reduced in size at any time making it versatile as the office changes.
  • Large selection of RAL powder coated paint finishes.
  • 25mm MFC top with 2mm ABS edge.
  • Rectangular, single wave, double wave or workstation (L) shape tops.
  • 3 leg styles available: goalpost, A frame and rectangular loop.
  • Comprehensive cable management system with shared central cable tower which feeds cables from floor grommets up in to the cable tray.
  • High capacity cable tray for under desk power, accessible via a sliding top. Cable trays have clips to hold wires in place.
  • Height adjustable crank kit available to increase the desk up to 120mm.
  • Available workstations widths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm x 600mm or 800mm.
  • Large range of privacy screens available.
  • Large selection of RAL powder coated paint finishes.
  • 25mm MFC top with 2mm ABS edge.
  • Tested to: BS/ EN527:2002 Part 2 (2011), BS/ EN527: 2003 Part 3, BS4875:2001 Part 5 to level 4, BS6396 (2008), ISO 9241

Jot-Up & Jot-Up Lite

Jot-Up Single Desk
Jot-Up Lite Desk
Jot-Up Back-to-Back
Jot-Up Lite Back-to-Back
Key Features
  • Encourages staff to move throughout the day.
  • Jot-Up and Jot-Up Lite available in single, side-to-side or back-to-back configurations.
  • Electric height adjustment, height settable, or fixed height modules allows sit-stand desking to be integrated over time as budget allows.
  • Electronic height adjustable range of 610mm – 1260mm, with height settable option of 665mm – 1015mm (in increments of 25mm) or fixed height of 740mm.
  • Mains or battery powered offers greater flexibility for Agile working.
  • Integrated sensor minimises the risk of damage to furniture or property.
  • Easy to use tactile up-down control switch
  • Lifting columns have a sound level below 55dB(A) to minimise distracting noise.
  • Jot-Up has an integrated cable management system to feed electrics from the floor into each independently adjustable worktops.
  • Selection of RAL powder coated paint finishes and 25mm MFC top with 2mm ABS edge.
  • Tested to:  BS EN 527-1:2011, BS EN ISO 9241:1999, BS6396: 2008 + A1:2015
  • Independently tested product carbon footprint, based on a 1400mm Jot-Up Lite, 200Kg CO2e

Solo Desking

Solo Rectangular Desk
Solo Double Wave Desk
Solo Single Wave Desk
Solo Corner Workstation
Key Features
  • Single easy to construct desk, ideal for quick assembly and reconfiguring floors.
  • Single desks with a choice of rectangular, single wave, double wave and workstation top
  • Integral cable management system
  • Cantilever Italian styled leg with integral cable management to feed cables from floors to the rear cable tray
  • Rear cable tray with port hole top to feed cables to desktop.
  • Large selection of RAL powder coated paint finishes.
  • Fixed 25mm MFC top with 2mm ABS edge and cut out portholes with silver fixing.
  • 720mm fixed height.
  • Widths available: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm or 1800mm
  • Tested to: BS EN 527-2 (2002), BS EN 527-3 (2003), BS 6396: 2008, BS EN 527 (2011) Part 1, BS EN ISO 9241 (1999)
  • Independently tested product carbon footprint, based on a 1400mm fixed height desk, 45Kg CO2e