Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desk

An electric height adjustable desk range with “plug-and-play” software to prompt users to stand, stretch and move.

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Jot-Up Height Adjustable Desks

Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desk

The Jot-Up height adjustable desking range is designed for maximum flexibility and ergonomic comfort. With a choice of fixed height, height settable and electric sit-stand desk configurations, Jot-Up can evolve over time as office requirements change, easily swapping out components to transform a fixed height desk to electric height adjustable.

Packed with intelligent features, the Jot-Up desk can be fitted with software to track usage, prompt staff to stand regularly, save their preferred height settings, and calculate the calories burnt. Jot-Up also features a unique cable management system, designed to move with the desktop whilst keeping them neat and protected, a common issue with height-adjustable desks. With mains or rechargeable battery power, the sit/stand desks can be placed anywhere in the workplace, making them great for agile working offices.

Jot-Up Sit/Stand Software

The Jot-Up height adjustable desks are filled with some of the market’s leading electrical equipment, allowing staff to simply “plug-and-play” – great for agile working and smart working offices where desks aren’t assigned to a specific user. The sit/stand desk can be easily controlled by an array of devices, allowing users to save their own settings on their connected device. 

  • Control the height via Bluetooth or USB on your laptop, PC, iOS or Android device.
  • Set targets and reminders to stand as a set period of time every hour.
  • Track the total stats on your standing time, calories burnt and daily achievements.
  • Pre-configure 3 preferred height settings for ease of use.
  • Free software (requires connecting cable).
  • “Plug-and-play” – connect your laptop to the desk and start using the software.

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Jot-Up and Jot-Up Lite are available in single, side-to-side or back-to-back configurations.
  • Electronic height adjustable range of 610mm – 1260mm.
  • Available workstation widths: 970mm, 1170mm, 1370mm, 1570mm, 1770mm.
  • Workstation depths: 780mm & 1650mm.
  • Mains or battery powered offers greater flexibility for agile working.
  • An Integrated sensor minimises the risk of damage to hard objects.
  • Easy to use tactile up-down control switch.
  • Lifting columns have a sound level below 55dB(A) to minimise distracting noise.
  • Each worktop features an integral cable tray with easy access via a sliding top.
  • Jot-Up features an integrated cable management system to feed electrics from the floor into each independently adjustable worktop.
  • 25mm MFC worktop with 2mm ABS edge.


  • Height settable or fixed height modules allows electric sit-stand desking to be integrated over time as budget allows.
  • Height settable desk adjustment of 665mm – 1015mm in increments of 25mm.
  • Fixed height desk at 740mm.



  • Jot-Up Lite Streamlined Cable Management System.
  • Jot-Up Full Cable Managed System.



  • Desk Control software.


  • Tested to BS EN 527-1:2011, BS EN ISO 9241:1999, BS6396: 2008 + A1:2015.



  • Independently tested carbon footprint: 200Kg CO2e.



  • Choice of white, pale grey, maple, oak, romano cherry, beech or walnut top with matching edging.
  • Choice of white with a contrasting edge in oak, multiplex or black.
  • Choice of white or silver framework as standard. 
  • Black framework subject to MOQ.


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  • Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Jot-Up Desk Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Jot-Up Lite Desk Datasheet

  • Jot White

    RAL 9016

    Flexiform Code: JWS

    Jot Silver

    RAL 9006

    Flexiform Code: JOS

    White MFC and Laminate Finish

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: WHM

    White MFC with Oak Edge

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS contrasting Oak edge

    Flexiform Code: WHO

    White MFC and Multiplex Edge

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS contrasting Multiplex edge

    Flexiform Code: WHX

    25mm Grey MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOG

    Walnut MFC and Laminate

    25mm Walnut MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOW

    Oak MFC and Laminate

    25mm Oak MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOK

    Romano Cherry MFC and Laminate

    25mm Romano Cherry MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: RMC

    Maple MFC and Laminate

    25mm Maple MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOM

    Beech MFC and Laminate

    25mm Beech MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOB