Fika Morning

In our London Showroom recently we held our very first Fika morning, as a business we encourage business’ to embrace wellness within the workplace, to keep up with the workplace of the future and embrace flexibility, collaborative and agile working. With the days of working 9-5 becoming blurred and studies showing that millennial and generation z often moving jobs for experience and environment to get the work life balance suited for them, getting to know your colleagues has never been viewed with such importance.  We invited Fika expert Heather Barrie to show us exactly how we should be Fika and what it’s all about.


How can Fika benefit our workplace? 

According to- Gallup, only 8% of UK employees really care about their work, and will go the extra mile for their employer. That leaves 92% who won’t!  As technology takes over, people become isolated, even in busy offices.  Working long hours at a computer screen is also diminishing well-being in the workplace. Solutions to these issues are often seen as intrusive and expensive. But they don’t have to be.

In Sweden, over 20% of employees will go that extra mile. And there’s one very simple difference between the UK and Sweden, and that’s Fika. Fika is Swedish for coffee and cake. It means stepping away from desks for a collective break and a chat with colleagues, regardless of their relative status.   Fika enhances employee engagement and improves creativity, collaboration and connection.

It’s time to radically rethink our workplace culture. We too need to enable time to talk, conversation is how good ideas become great ideas.


Who am I?

I am Heather Barrie, founder of Harrie’s Coffee – an independent, ethical coffee and coffee machine supplier in Sussex.  We specialise in creating a dynamic coffee experience! We work with local companies who employ 5-50 people, who care about their team, their brand and their clients.  We help organisations to create an environment that inspires conversation, creativity and collaboration within teams. Our clients also want the coffee they serve to reflect their brand and their values, to the outside world.

I’m passionate about great coffee and how it brings people together.  I’ve run an award winning coffee bar since 2007 and crafted over 190,000 delicious coffees. I’ve already brought coffee and conversation to recruitment and digital agencies and to 2 new co-working hubs on the south coast.  I work with innovative organisations in Sussex and London where delicious coffee has increased engagement and productivity.  We make a difference to the life of business owners, their staff and their visitors!


Why is Fika Important to Me??

Although Fika is a word that encompasses the art of Coffee and Cake, it is reflects more than that – it is about creating a space to connect and share and slow down – whether just finding out how someone is, through to expanding on ideas, we are always better people for sharing – and sharing over coffee is even better…..  Despite the notion that we are all more connected because of technology and the internet, I believe that we’re more disconnected – headphones in, quick emails and comments on social media, soundbites and emojis.  Reaching out to another human being and making contact increases social capital in organisations, it shows that your care about your team, it creates a space to talk, it reflects your brand and shows your clients that you care, that attention to detail is key.  Fika is a small word but it reflects what makes Sweden one of the happiest nations on the planet – and it can be part of what makes your business amazing, keeps your team engaged and creates a more creative, collaborative and connected workplace.

Why not join us for and have Fika mornings within your workplace?