Aero Desk Screen

Desktop privacy panels for fixed and height adjustable office desks

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Desktop privacy panels for office desks

Aero Desk Privacy Panels

The Aero desk privacy panels are designed to divide desk workspaces, giving users their own space and reducing visual distractions. They also create a neat desk set-up with minimal cables on show. Measuring 380mm or 665mm, this desk screen has been designed to fit all our popular desking ranges including Meria, Pico, Todd, Jot-Up and A-Up sit stand desks. 

Designed with an aerofoil edge the frameless desk divider panels are fully upholstered with the fabric neatly wrapping around the panel and tucking into the edges, creating a smooth and polished end profile. Directly mounted to the desk frame, the desk screen doesn’t affect the desk’s sliding top mechanism. The Aero desk privacy panels are non-linking and can be specified as a half-width screen or a full-width desk screen.

Frameless desk screen for office desks

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Office desk partitions for privacy.
  • Minimalist rectilinear design with aerofoil edge.
  • 25mm chipboard core.
  • 5 fabric choices in over 200 colourways.
  • Desk mounted to the desking frame (doesn’t affect sliding top mechanism).
  • Half-width screens or full desk-width screens suitable for all interior design schemes. 
  • Non-linking with no trim.
  • Suitable for Flexiform fixed height or height adjustable desks.
  • Optional 3mm padding for plush acoustic finish.
  • UK designed and manufactured.


  • 800mm – 2000mm wide office screens.
  • 380mm or 665mm
  • 27mm – 34mm thick depending upon the fabric and 3mm padding.


  • Band A: Camira Cara
  • Band B: Camira Lucia
  • Band C: Camira Blazer Lite
  • Band D: Camira Blazer, Camira Synergy
  • Band Y: Camira Blazer Lite with 3mm Padding (Limited Colourways)