Encompass Office Meeting Booths

Office meeting booths for 1-2-1 meetings, group discussions or presentations.

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Encompass Office Meeting Booths

Encompass Meeting Booths

The Encompass free-standing meeting booths offer a semi-private informal meeting space, ideally suited for 1-2-1 meetings or groups of people. The high sided office booths (with optional roof panel) help absorb sound from the user whilst simultaneously reducing ambient noise through the office, creating a comfortable semi-private workspace.

Encompass meeting booths can be fitted with a monitor bracket suitable for screens up to 60”, an integrated power and data module and cable management for a neat finish, giving a full IT set-up suitable for presentations and collaborations. Available in a range of shapes and configurations, the Encompass meeting booth range suits all types of offices offering agile, flexible workspaces.

Acoustic Office Meeting Booth

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Freestanding acoustic meeting booths.
  • 1-2-1 booths, collaboration booths and media units.
  • 55mm thick panels.
  • Curved or square designs are available.
  • Integrated seating as standard (EN07 & EN08)
  • Integrated table top with a single supportive leg. 
  • Multiple heights are available with various tone fabrics.
  • Some meeting booths have roofs to increase privacy and reduce noise further.
  • Feet levellers suitable for all floors.
  • 25mm MFC worktops with 2mm ABS edge in various finishes.


  • Acoustically tested to BS EN ISO 717 with a 30dB noise reduction rating.



  • Single, two-tone, three-tone or four-tone fabric depending upon the configuration. 
  • Various power units are available including; wireless charging, UK power, USB, and HDMI connections.
  • Full cable management available.
  • Monitor bracket for monitors up to 60 inches.


  • Camira Blazer Lite, Blazer or Synergy fabric.
  • Bespoke fabric. 
  • Choice of white, pale grey, maple, oak, romano cherry, beech or walnut top with matching edging.
  • Choice of white with a contrasting edge in oak, multiplex or black.
  • Optional laminate and Fenix finishes are available.


  • Flexiform Brochure Download

    Encompass Booths Brochure

    Flexiform Brochure Download

    Flexiform Specification Guide

  • Encompass Meeting Booth

    Encompass Booth, EN08

    Encompass Meeting Booth EN09

    Encompass Booth, EN09

    Encompass meeting booth with table

    Encompass Booth, EN10

  • Encompass Meeting Booth

    Encompass Booth & Additions Pedestal Base Table at Highways England, Basingstoke [Outside]

    Office meeting booth and table

    Encompass Booth & Additions Table at Highways England, Basingstoke [Inside]

  • Flexiform CAD Block Download

    Encompass Booth CAD Blocks

    Flexiform Revit Downloads .RVT files

    Encompass Booths Revit Blocks

  • Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Encompass Booths Datasheet

  • White MFC and Laminate Finish

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: WHM

    White MFC with Oak Edge

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS contrasting Oak edge

    Flexiform Code: WHO

    White MFC and Multiplex Edge

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS contrasting Multiplex edge

    Flexiform Code: WHX

    Walnut MFC and Laminate

    25mm Walnut MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOW

    Romano Cherry MFC and Laminate

    25mm Romano Cherry MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: RMC

    Maple MFC and Laminate

    25mm Maple MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOM

    Oak MFC and Laminate

    25mm Oak MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOK

    25mm Grey MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOG

    Beech MFC and Laminate

    25mm Beech MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    Flexiform Code: MOB